Getting stuff done outside

Though today has gotten a bit colder than yesterday, at -15C/5F, it’s a lot calmer out there, and bright and sunny. We are actually reading a wind chill of -21C/-6F, but the wind is from the north, and we are well sheltered in that direction.

Which means I got more done outside!

Of course, feeding the critters was top of the list.

I counted 18 this morning. I did not see Ghost Baby, and I think Junk Pile is the other “missing” cat. I was quite happy to see both Butterscotch and Nosencrantz this morning.

Nosencrantz doesn’t look too happy to see me, though! 😀 She’s all “stop petting me, and taking my picture. I’m trying to eat!”

I was able to do a burn this morning, scrape the sidewalk clear, and dig out some of the blown over paths.

Though we didn’t get much snow, the blowing winds made a big difference. I was lifting out solid chunks of snow. I actually took advantage of that while shoveling around the burn barrel, to make a higher “wall” around it. This is snow fort building snow! 😀

The path to the compost was so solid, I ended up having to bring the ice scraper to break it up before I could use the shovel. Because of the wind direction, the path from the compost ring to the back door of the garage was almost clear, and the shelter of the garage kept the path to the outhouse from getting drifted over.

We’re supposed to get snow starting tomorrow evening. I’m now seeing snowfall warnings of 20-35cm (8-14 inches), however they are mostly for the south and eastern parts of the province. We shouldn’t get anywhere near as much, where we are. Local forecast is currently for 5-10cm (2-4 inches).

So if there’s anything we need to get in town, just in case, now is the time to do it!

Well. Maybe after we’ve shoveled the end of the driveway again.

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Getting stuff done outside

    • Oh, it’s very much worth the cost!

      We have little Spewie, and electric snow blower. It’s great, but small and not very powerful. We have a monster gas snowblower, that is ancient and powerful, but it suddenly stopped working, and we were unable to take it in to get it checked. It’s a beast to get in and out of our van. There are also at least two other snowblowers in the barn that have been sitting there for a decade or more. They could probably be repaired. Maybe?

      As for a new one, which would be ideal, they are very expensive. At least for something that would be good for how much we need to clear. Ideally, we’d have that Bobcat with the front end loader attachment, which was used here for years until our vandal “borrowed” it some time during the 2 years this place was empty and didn’t bring it back.


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