It’s here!


Our new washing machine is now here!

Which is quite a surprise, since we got a call from the shipping company a couple of days ago, letting us know they didn’t have it, and that they’d call when they did. Home Depot gets weekly deliveries, so we were expecting to get a call next Thursday.

Then, I got a call today.

It was an automated survey to determine delivery satisfaction.


What delivery?

So I hung up on the survey, then phoned the store. It’s been a while, so while I got the guy who sold it to me, he didn’t remember the details of our particular order. He was just as confused about the survey call as we were. Once I mentioned we thought the store itself might have it, and he realized it was supposed to be delivered to them, he said he would check and call me back.

Sure enough, it was there!

So I basically dropped everything and headed out! 😀 The girls prepped the entry for dragging the box through, then worked on painting, while I was gone.

Once the washing machine was loaded in the van, I took advantage of the situation and found some of the spray rubber stuff, for the bottoms of the picnic table legs.

Like the stove, it juuuuuust fit through the doorway – and because of the arm bar, we had to pull it in on its side. This time, I was able to back the van up so that the bumper was over the steps, which made getting it to and through the door that much easier!

Getting it open was easier, too. The bottom piece was not attached to the box, so once the straps were cut off, we could just lift the whole thing.

Then we set it up where the old machine was, while my younger daughter stayed squeezed in the back to hook it up.

We found one potential problem. The drain hose is shorter than the old machine’s. It just barely reaches the stand pipe. If we could have the machine with its back to that wall, it would be fine, but then we wouldn’t be able to use the machine.

So it is not tight against the side wall, and right up against the step leading into the dining room. It should be fine, but there is no wiggle room on that.

Thankfully, now that the old kitchen and sun room are done, my husband’s walker is now in the sun room. This way, he doesn’t have to do any stairs to get to the walker, nor does he have to lift it up and down the steps to the main entry. Being a larger than average man, he’s got a much larger walker than typical, making it heavier, too. Not something a person with a back injury should be struggling with! We used to keep it folded up right in front of the washing machine, but now that the machine has to be so far forward, there’s no room for his walker.

Once it was hooked up, we leveled it.

It turns out the floor sags a fair bit towards the middle, but my daughter was able to adjust the legs on one side. Then she squeezed out and we pushed the dryer back, moving it forward to line up with the washer.

There is now quite a lot of space behind the machines.

I’m sure the cats will enjoy it. 😀

While going through the manual, I found that it has a “test before using” function. So I tried that.

I don’t know if it worked.

The manual said to turn the power on, then push the spin and soil buttons simultaneously, until a particular letter/number code showed up on the screen.

The code never came up. A number did. I tried hitting start anyhow, and the machine started doing things, but I wasn’t sure if it was doing what it was supposed to!

In the end, I ended up powering it off. I noticed that the machine only uses the HE type of detergent. The detergent we have isn’t HE.

So I headed off to town to pick some up.

Once the water is no longer needed for anything else, I’ll try again, then start some laundry.

I’ve never been this excited to do laundry before!!!

Woo Hoo!!

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Just about every detergent is HE now. You can also get away with using about half as much of the older stuff.

    Funny how all the brands look the same and are packaged the same. It’s almost identical to our Samsung.

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