I touched a kitty!

While doing my evening rounds, I decided to check the pump shack to see if Rosencrantz’ kittens were still there. I have not seen them since that first time.

I didn’t see them, but Junk Pile was following me around – growling the whole time.

Then, as I passed the junk pile, I saw Junk Pile – and her three kittens!

Two went and hid among the pallets before I could take a picture.

Junk Pile was growling at me while staring me down! 😀

This was also the closest I’ve had Junk Pile come near me since she was a kitten herself!

Eventually, little Braveheart went down and out of sight. I ended up going around the back of the rotten pallets and could see two kittens – including the bravest one – looking up at me.

I started playing the finger wiggle game, and Braveheart was more than willing to stalk and tackle them!

You can see the second kitten as a blur, slinking away below.

While playing with little Braveheart, I noticed a face staring at me from inside a pallet.

I saw the second one and tried to get a photo, which didn’t work, but when I uploaded this photo, I was thrilled to see I got them both!

They were intensely curious, but not quite willing to tackle the wiggling fingers.

I’d have stayed out longer, if I weren’t being eaten alive by mosquitoes!

I am so thrilled. We were never able to socialize Junk Pile, but maybe we’ll be able to socialize her babies!

The Re-Farmer

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