Trying out the beets

Many thanks to carolee of herbalbelssingblog for her suggestion on how to cook our little beets.

She wrote:

Even tiny beet thinnings are wonderfully tasty! Pulled whole and left intact, scrub the beet and root to remove any soil and give the green parts and stems a good rinse. Heat butter in a skillet and throw the entire beets in. Cover with a lid and let cook a couple minutes. Add a bit of chicken broth or water and cover again. Cook just until beet is barely tender and greens are wilted. Salt and pepper. (If beets are 1″ or more, I cut them off and cook them a couple of minutes by themselves before adding stalks and greens.) Enjoy!

Which sounds awesome!

Me being me, I had to modify things a bit. After scrubbing the beets, I found I did have to cut off the remaining greens and trim bits and pieces off, then cut them into similar sized pieces. I started them in butter, as suggested, but I didn’t have chicken broth.

I did, however, have leftover roasted ham still in its gel, so I cut off the last bits of meat from the bone, and used the gel as the liquid with the beets.

Because you can’t go wrong with pork, right?

There was quite a bit of the gel, and not a lot of beets, so I cooked the liquid down until it was basically a glaze.

My apologies for the following picture. 😀

This is the better of the pictures I took.

Those deep red beets make it all look like carnage happened! 😀

You can still make out the rings in the beets with alternating red and white rings, though the white is dyed pink now! The golden beets were so few and so small, you can’t really see them at all. There is one right on top. Honest!

But those deep red ones… wow!

So how did this crazy combination taste?

Really good! It had a salty, “meaty” flavour, but the sweetness of the beets still came through, and the flavours complimented each other surprisingly well. Some major umami happening in there!

In another pan, I browned the last of the ham bits, added cubed sunburst squash and green zucchini, with a bit of water to cover and steam them, before cooking away the liquid. Lastly, I covered it all with beaten eggs and covered the pan again, turning the egg mixture a couple of times to make sure it was cooked through.

And that was lunch. 😀

I’ll likely try beets cooked this way again, though with some other liquid. Maybe even the recommended chicken stock! 😀

Meanwhile, I picked more sunburst squash this morning and we’re getting to the point of having to start preserving them. I’ve looked at some recipes to do a quick pickle with them, but so far, none have really appealed to me. Plus, they all called for ingredients I don’t have.

With today looking to hit 30C, it’s going to be an inside day, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to look up other ideas.

We will most likely just freeze them. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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