Things I saw today

Just a collection of pictures I took today. The inside orange babies watching an outside orange baby! This little buggers snuck into the sun room behind my back and got closed up in it! It wasn't until I came out to give the cats some treats that I heard her plaintive meowing. She had jumped … Continue reading Things I saw today

Fall planting; Bulls Eye Tulips

I needed to head into town today, and when I got back, the girls were just finishing planting the last of the bulbs we had. Bulls Eye Tulips. These have more finicky requirements. They are larger bulbs that need lots of sun, good drainage, and if we want them coming back year after year, deep … Continue reading Fall planting; Bulls Eye Tulips

Crab apple cider vinegar, fermentation progress

Today has been one of those write-off days. Yesterday, we hit 27C/80F. An unexpected result of that is, all number of house flies and other flying insects emerged from wherever they were slumbering in the previous cool, and got into the house. Which meant a night of cats making a ruckus while chasing bugs all … Continue reading Crab apple cider vinegar, fermentation progress