More winterizing done

Well, today blew away the predicted high, by a long shot! When I checked this morning, we were supposed to reach 8C/46F. As I write this, past 4pm, we are at 14C/57F! It was downright hot out there! πŸ˜€

One of my daughters added more mulch to where they planted the back-ordered tulips. The planting depth was 12-18 inches, including mulch, for them to be able to come back every year, and they definitely have that now. πŸ™‚

While that was being done, my other daughter cleaned out the eaves troughs while I held the ladder for her. Not all of them were done. One corner is just too dangerous.

Also, we need new eaves troughs, along with a new roof. :-/

I was able to clean out the fire pit.

I sifted the ashes, putting the bits of wood and charcoal back in the pit, while the sifted ashes went into the compost pile. I then made use of what used to be the “roof” over the old basement window that broke off at the hinges. It’ll keep the snow out if we want to use the fire pit in the winter.

The modifications to the kibble house floor were done.

One sheet of insulation was enough. I had to trim the length to fit. There was no trimming of the width. I cut notches to fit into the sides as well.

After the wood floor boards were returned, I cut a piece of salvaged wood to length. I used some of the bits of insulation that were trimmed off as spacers for the height. We will be able to slide the floor boards straight out the front. The insulation under it is narrow enough that it can be lifted out from the inside.

After the cross piece was screwed in place, I returned the kibble containers and topped them up.

Obviously, the cats are quite content with it there.

Hopefully, the skunks will no longer be able to pull the containers down anymore.

Now that it’s daylight, I could check to see how the tarp was looking. This only needs to hold out for one winter. Next year, we’ll paint it from top to bottom, and the tarp will no longer be needed.

Wind is the big problem. This is the tarp we used last year, to try and create a shelter for the cats in front of a shelf outside the sun room. The winds kept tearing it apart, and one corner of the tarp is pretty badly damaged. That made tying it down from underneath a bit more difficult, since one of the grommets is torn off.

The shelf we’d used is now moved, but I turned the bottom two shelves into a critter cave.

The insulation on the bottom shelves were there from last year. As this shelf is not something we are trying to keep or preserve, I used some bits and pieces of insulation and nailed them in place, to create the cave-like shelter. The taller tops will keep the stuff in the top shelf from getting knocked out or blown around. This will be removed in the spring.

The top of the shelf has been losing layers of the … plywood? … that was on top. I’d put some larger pieces of insulation to cover it, but the wind kept blowing it around. Since the surface was so damp and coming off anyway, I removed the last of the warped bits.

I found the original surface, underneath! I wonder why it was covered?

I made a new “roof” of pieces of rigid insulation, covered in plastic. With the tarp, I’d used a staple gun to try and hold it in place, but the winds just tore it all loose.

This time, I just nailed it in place.

Because the top was still a bit damp, the “roof” has spacers under it. Between the overhangs and the plastic, no new moisture should be able to get under there any more.

So now, if there are any critters that can’t shelter in the cat’s house, they’ll have this to shelter in, if necessary.

They might have a spiffy new heated house, but the boys seem to miss the sun room!

I didn’t have to heard to chase them out after everything was cleaned up and put everything away. We’ll just have to remember to close up the sun room later on this evening! πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “More winterizing done

  1. Nice work. πŸ™‚

    Don’t sell the skunks short though. I met a couple ages ago that raised (de-scented) skunks as pets. They’re sweet, playful animals when domesticated BUT, but mischievous and curious. Occasionally they could even open child prooofed cabinets, oh and they’d dig through carpet, so that was out as a floor covering with them as pets, lol.

    Bottom line though, they’re clever little critters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That, they are! Adorable, too.

      We’ve read that cat kibble is not good for them, but they seem to love it. I don’t see how we can stop them, and still have food out for the cats, so I hope to at least discourage them a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your best option is probably top just take the food indoors during the night. The skunks won’t have anything to eat at night, and the cats will quickly adjust to the idea that the food is only there in the daytime.

        Liked by 1 person

      • We have had cats disappear for weeks, then suddenly return, looking very rough around the edges. I’d rather have the food available for them. It might be all they can get. So we put up with the skunks! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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