It’s working!

There was a light snow overnight, and while I was out doing my morning rounds.

I noticed this, on the roof of the cat shelter.

Melted snow on the roof of the cat shelter, above the ceramic terrarium heater.

You can certainly tell where the heat bulb is!

There is no insulation on the walls or under the roof at all, so it wouldn’t take much for there to be heat leaking through, even with the aluminum shield between the bulb and the roof.

The cats are quite enjoying their warm shelter! There’s usually several that can be seen, watching me through the window closest to the heater. 🙂

They will also sit inside the kibble house, even while not eating. Sometimes, I’ll spot one of the more skittish ones under the floor, watching to see if I come closer, before squeezing out again.

We still have very little snow right now. When it starts getting to where we need to shovel it, I want to make sure the cats still have access to under the shelters, as well as into them. They have claimed every bit of shelter these structures provide! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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