Christmas tree do-over

We tried to be creative with the Christmas tree, with so many kittens in the house. The older cats are not as much of a concern, but the little ones are another story!

Well, after several days of cat caused disasters, today I came into the dining room to find they’d trashed the tree. For the past few morning, I’d come out and find the tree skirt askew, ornaments on the floor, and branches bent. Clearly, they knew enough to wait until we were in bed to wreck havoc. However, this time, they’d gone in while we were all busy and done even more damage than what I’d already fixed in the morning. The tree was tied to the wall, so they couldn’t knock it over, but they clearly were climbing it as high as the ceiling, and trying to get into the shelves beside it, as even things from there were on floor. Nothing fragile, thankfully, but still…

After finding the last mess, I gave up.

I took the tree down completely – which only took a few minutes, considering we’d already decorated it sparsely.

My older daughter, who lent us her little tree to begin with, saved the day.

It turns out this tree can be flattened, without damaging it. She found a way to hang it flat against the door, then redecorated it.

She even used wrapping paper to hide the base, where the legs would normally be attached.

I think it looks even better now!

Later, I actually caught some cats under it, looking up forlornly.

The little monsters!

The Re-Farmer

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