Getting Mouthy

One of the things about visiting my mother is, she tends to … pass things on to us.

Basically, she is foisting off things she doesn’t want or need on us, because there’s lots of room on the farm, right?

Four decades, friends in the city doing that to my parents. A lot of that stuff is still lying about in various places. Now she’s doing it to us! 😀

Most of the time, it’s not an issue. I just got a bag full of plastic containers that will be just fine for putting leftovers in the fridge (some of them are what I used to bring meals to her! :-D).

Previously, we got a bag full of odds and ends that included small flashlights so old, the batteries were on the verge of leaking.

We just never know what to expect!

One thing she has been pretty consistent in including has been sweets. She “can’t eat” sweet things (yes, she can. She knows enough to limit herself, but she has her preferences, and that’s just fine).

Most of the sweets are little baggies of candies the social workers have been including in little gift bags they’ve been giving to people in my mother’s building, since they aren’t allowed to have bingo or coffee nights or any of the other many social events they used to organize.

Someone, however, has been giving my mother Polish chocolates!

The last box she passed on to us was around Christmas, and they were quite excellent.

Today, she gave me these.

Wawel (VAH-vel) is a place. Czarny Las (CHArny Laas) means Black Forest (and is the site of the WWII massacre of 250-300 Poles by the Gestapo). Czekolada Nadkiewana (Che-ko-lada Na-jye-vana) means stuffed chocolate. The info in the back says this is from Krakow, which is not all that far from where my mother lived during WWI until the province was turned over to the USSR after the war, and Poles were expelled.

I find myself curious as to who is finding these Polish chocolates for my mother, and where are they finding them! The only place I can think of is the city, which has a substantial Polish community my parents used to be a part of, but I just don’t know of anyone in her building would even know the area exists, never mind knowing where to buy Polish products.

When I got home, I opened the box, discovering that it had already been opened. My mother had tried them before passing them on to us. 😀


… they were not stored properly! 😀

It looks horrible, but it’s just a bloom that happens when the chocolate gets exposed to temperature extremes, instead of being in a consistent cooler temperature.

I was not expecting to see all those mouths when I unwrapped the chocolate!

Yes, I did try a piece.

Not a fan of the cherry filling. I’ve never been a fan of fruit in chocolate, really, so that’s not a surprise. I suspect the temperature fluctuations that caused the bloom also affected the texture of the filling.

I can see why my mother decided to “pass it on”.


The Re-Farmer

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