The things we find, and a whole new level of mystery!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been finding cats – usually Tissue – batting around something metallic sounding on the floor. On checking to see what was making the unusual sound, we have been finding all sorts of nails and screws! The cats (probably just Tissue, but we’re not 100% sure) have been digging into the various containers in the basement, taking out a single nail or screw, and carrying them upstairs to play with.

Yes, we did place these in locations the kittens couldn’t reach, but they’re almost adults now, and they can get into a lot more trouble!

We keep taking away the nails, but it usually isn’t long before a new one gets dragged up from who knows where. Tissue does not like having her toys taken away, and it is most amusing, if annoying, to see her pick up a nail and running off with it in her mouth.

Last night, I heard that familiar metallic noise.

There was Tissue, under the dining table, batting at something.

The noise was … different, somehow.

Of course, I went to take latest nail from Tissue and…

… this is what I found.


Now, there has not been a gun in this house since years before we moved here, and while I’ve found spent cartridges in the barn, in all our clean up of the house, I don’t recall ever finding bullets like this.

I tucked it away into a container on a shelf, only to have a daughter bring it to me, a couple of hours later. Tissue was playing with it again! So I put it in a slide lock baggie and tucked it onto a shelf the cats can’t get at.

Then my other daughter found Tissue playing with another one.

When she brought it to me and I realized it wasn’t possible for the cats to have retrieved the one I’d just hidden away, I went and looked… Sure enough, the bullet I’d found was still in the container I’d left it in.

The cats had dragged out a total of three bullets from… somewhere.

My daughter and I went digging around the basement, trying to see where they could have come from, to no avail. I did find a higher caliber bullet in a container that I remember seeing when we were cleaning out the basement, so I grabbed that to tuck away with the others.

We still have no idea where the cats found those three bullets. The only place we could think of was the top of the closet in the entry. We’ve never been able to clear it out, but the cats have started to find their way up there, knocking things about. We rescued a couple of more fragile objects that we could reach, but there is more we can’t reach at all. My husband – the tallest of us – did use our little step ladder to try and see, but there’s too much clutter up there. Still, if anyone had stored bullets there, back when my late father’s guns were still around, they wouldn’t have been tucked in the back, but have been near the edges, where they could be reached. Even so, they would have been in their boxes, not loose.

So we have a mystery on our hands!

The Re-Farmer

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