I took my mother’s car out to run some errands. This just happened.

I am now on the side of the road, waiting for CAA.

It was very difficult to explain to the person how to find me. She couldn’t even find out little hamlet on Google maps.

I have no idea what I hit to cause a flat.


The Re-Farmer

10 thoughts on “Really?!?!?

      • Years ago, I was taking my step daughter and nephew to watch a Christmas parade. As we crossed a bridge I heard the sound that alerted me to a problem. Upon checking, there were over a dozen nails in that tire.

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      • Wow!!! Sounds like someone lost a box of nails off the back of their truck or something!

        When we kept getting flat tires due to screws, some looking very shiny and new, one of the questions asked was if a contractor or the maintenance guy had dropped a box in the parking lot. It had happened at one of the neighbouring apartment blocks. No such thing had happened at our parking lot. Given the things going on at the time, I have no doubt they were deliberately positioned under our tire in our parking spots (it happened a second time after we switched spots). No way to prove it, unfortunately.


  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, those are nearly new tires. 😦

    It’s rare to see tires with that much tread get a flat. You had to hit a nail or screw or something just right. With any luck, it can be patched instead of replaced.

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