Well, now

So this lends weight to the “defective tire” theory.

I checked the trail cam files from yesterday. With the one camera, there just isn’t a view of that tire, but with the other…

I cropped this from a screen cap of the video. It’s the best I could get.

Even taking into account that the tire is sunk in mud, it looks really low!

The last time the car was used was then I took my mother grocery shopping about a week ago. It has been sitting in the garage every since. The only reason I took it out at all is because my sister helped my mother with grocery shopping, so I wanted to make sure the car got some time on the road.

I’ve just taken it out and checked the rest of the tires as much as I can. I’ll be asking the mechanic to give them a quick inspection once he has it up on the lift.

I was telling my brother and his wife about what happened, and they had the same immediate thoughts I did; could it have been deliberate? In their case, they actually know someone who had … issues… with someone else, and that person vandalized the inside of their tires. All four of them!

I don’t think our vandal did anything, though. Not just because it would be physically difficult; where the car is parked is so cramped, there is no way anyone of his size and lack of mobility could have gotten to that tire. Plus, he wouldn’t have been that subtle. If he was going to damage our tires, he would have just slashed our tires. So I don’t think this is the result of an act of vandalism.

It should be interesting to hear what the mechanic has to say when he finally sees the tire this afternoon!

The Re-Farmer

10 thoughts on “Well, now

    • We have a court date for a restraining order this month (delayed three times because of restrictions) but I don’t know if they’ll just be going through the docket and booking court dates for everyone, or actually looking at the application. I’ve had to do this before, but in another province, and things are different, even without the crazy times.

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  1. Many years ago where I worked, there was three of us who all drove the same make, model and color of car. I came out one day to find a flat tire. I came out another day to find a case of beer in the car. I had gone out earlier to open the window to allow the car to cool. I didn’t do that any more.

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  2. Well, the footage would at least seem to indicate that the tire was low, but anything from cold weather to hitting a few potholes (among other explanations) can account for that. Unless you buy a top of the line tire also, they all naturally lose a little bit of air over time.

    The ’67 came with crap tires, but they’re brand new and I don’t racehorse it, so I can’t justify replacing them as of yet. I’d bet they lose 5 pounds of pressure a week though.

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    • We didn’t get the high end, but we certainly didn’t get bottom of the barrel, either! They’re good quality, all season tires, and I’ve never had a problem with them losing pressure since we got them.


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