Tree Star

I made a mistake, when writing about these trees, yesterday.

In this photo, the red lines mark the dead spruces. Counting the one by the garage, that makes a dozen trees on this side of the spruce grove, to take down.

I missed one. It can’t actually be seen in this photo, because it’s behind other trees. I didn’t notice becase I had the right number of trees that I’d counted before, not realizing that when I had been in the spruce grove, counting the dead trees, I missed the one that is in the far right of the photo, because I could see if from where I was standing at the time. It has a live tree growing next to it, and has some live branches wrapped around it.

This is one of the clusters of three trees that I’d mentioned (the broken tree in the foreground is the one that’s closest to the house). When my daughters and I were walking around in this area, I clued in that one of these dead trees is the one with the extension cord wrapped around it.

You can see what the extension cord is there for. There is a wooden star with lights on it, facing the roads. At Christmas, we would run a cord from the house to this tree to plug it in.

My late brother put that there. Best guess, I’d say it’s been up there for as long as 40 years.

My daughters and I joked about plugging it in to see if it worked, but we’d never do it. With how many breaks there are in the cord, just where we can see it, plugging it in could very well cause a fire!

So… that’s 13 dead trees on this side of the spruce grove that need to come down, plus the other 5 I found at the other end, that can wait.

It’s getting so that there aren’t that many spruces left in the spruce grove!!

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Tree Star

    • One of the things I’ve noticed, having grown up here, is that we are not the only ones that have a lot of dead trees. Many of the wooded areas I remember from my childhood are much more sparse, with lots of fallen trees.

      This area used to supply firewood for the city, before alternative energy was available. Of course, those who made a living cutting trees, would be constantly planting new ones to keep up an inventory. While there are still individuals who make a living supplying firewood, the scale is a tiny fraction of how it was in the past, and the lumber industry is further north. Trees are reaching their full life spans, here. Of the spruces still alive now, most of them are the ones my family planted after moving here. It’s interesting to look at the old aerial photograph we have of the property, and see the difference. The spruce grove is much thinner now, but the maple grove has gotten much bigger!

      We have not had large groups of trees flash dying, though. Not in our area, at least.


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