On alert

I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight!

Not long ago, we heard what is a very unusual sound for this area.

A siren.

It stopped for a little bit, then started up again. I was in my “office” at the time, so I happened to see the lights of the vehicle going by on the live feed of the security camera. I couldn’t tell what kind of emergency vehicle it was, though my initial thought was that it was a police siren.

I decided to go outside and check. When I opened the door, the winds from the south-east almost tore it from my hands! I headed to the gate and looked around, saw nothing, but there was the smell of smoke in the air. With how incredibly dry we are right now, I was keeping my eye out for signs of a grass fire, but there were none. One of my daughters came out to join me, and neither of us could see anything of concern.

Once I was back inside, I decided to check our garage security cam email. It’s set to email an image any time the motion sensor is triggered, and I was wondering if the vehicle had triggered it from the road or not. There were a few emails with images waiting for me to check.

This was one of them.

There WAS a fire! A huge one, for us to be able to see it through the trees like that. What’s out there is mostly open fields and trees.

The series of images with the glow of fire covered about a 10 minute time period, bracketing 9pm.

While I was checking the images, I saw another vehicle in the live feed, heading in that direction. I could also see lights through the trees. Usually, I see lights there that are the reflectors on the abandoned vehicles in there, but this was something else. They looked like headlights. We never see headlights from vehicles driving on the road through the trees there. The angle is wrong for that, so this told me there were vehicles facing our way from somewhere other than the road.

So I bundled up, grabbed a flashlight and headed out again. I went to the gate, but still could see nothing. I decided to walk closer. I didn’t want to take the road, though, since if more emergency vehicles or whatever came by, I would be in the way, so I cut through the barn and headed towards the field beyond the trees, where the renter plants his crops.

My phone camera could not get a good photo, of course. I counted what looked like at least 7 vehicles. I think three of them were emergency vehicles. While I could still smell smoke, I could see no sign of a fire. After a while, I could hear the sounds of people yell-talking. Not yelling in alarm, but the sort of volume one would need to be heard over these winds.

Everything seemed to be under control. Seeing where all these vehicles were, though, had me concerned. There is a house, hidden away among some trees on the far side of that field, and those vehicles were about where that house is, about a mile from us. There is another house across the road as well, but I don’t think the vehicles were that far away. I do hope no one’s house burned down!!

As I was writing this, I saw more headlights going to and from the direction of the fire. More going from, than going to, which I hope is a good sign. I can still see headlights through the trees every now and then, too.

While things may be under control, I am not going to assume anything. We are just too windy and too dry, and if flames kick up again, those winds are blowing our way. It’s unlikely to happen, with emergency personnel on sight, and likely to be there for quite some time.

While walking out behind the barn to where I could see better, I first tried to go to a spot where I knew the fence was more open and clear of trees, because there used to be a gate there. When I got there, however, I found that two trees were fallen on the fence, and one of them looked like it had fallen recently. The whole area is littered with fallen trees. It reminded me again, why I want to get the spruce grove by the house cleaned up so much. I’d love to clean out the dead and fallen trees further out, but that is well beyond our abilities. We just don’t have the equipment for that large of a job, and it is way too big of a job to do manually. Basically, it’s all a tinder box, and that concerns me greatly. Particularly this time of year!

I must say, though, I am really appreciating that my brother set up that security camera, so we could see down the driveway. He has about a dozen cameras like it on his own property! šŸ˜€ Without the images the camera captured, we would not have seen that there was a fire at all.

More security cameras are also part of our plans as we fix things up. The trail cams are great, but having a live feed and motion sensor triggered images sent to us is what we need more of.

I never thought I’d want them to keep an eye out for fires, though!

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “On alert

  1. The dirt road that I live on feeds off a road that is one of the main routes to the hospital. It isn’t unusual to hear sirens, it is when I hear a large number at one time that gets my attention. Sound travels well here, and I’ve heard the sound of sirens over on another main route. The other night I kept hearing them and that concerned me though I never found out what had happened. I’m glad you are safe, I too hope that no one’s home burned. The cameras are a good idea.

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    • We are at the corner of two gravel roads, with one of them being a major route (as gravel roads go), but even so, it is rare to hear sirens if any kind.

      I hope to find out what happened, and that no one was hurt!


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