Ginger spice update

Before I update on how Ginger is doing today, I just wanted to quickly add that the fire that happened last night remained under control, and all is quiet – though there were certainly a lot of files to check out on the trail cams this morning! The fire trucks went past our driveway, lights flashing, but we heard no sirens at all at that time. We still don’t know what caught fire. The local news included stories of several grass fires, including one where a home was lost and 20 others evacuated, but these were all in the southern end of our province and nowhere near us. I hope to find out more, just to be assured that no one was hurt.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled spice boy update!

Ginger really was a bit spicy this morning! He was quite active, watching at the window, ducking under the swing bench, checking out the fresh food and water, and generally making it hard to get hold of! He finally flopped down on my feet and start rolling, and I was finally able to pick him up.

He was also eyeballing the door while I went in and out to feed the outside critters! As I headed out with kibble for the outside cats, Butterscotch dashed into the sun room. Which I was okay with. I figured a visit from his mom would not be a problem! She doesn’t like being indoors, though, so she was ready to dash back out as soon as the door was open again. 😀

It was nice and cozy in the sun room, so no tucking into the coat this morning. 🙂 He wouldn’t settle down, though, and I got only a brief snuggle in before he jumped down again.

Once on the floor, he couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to keep rolling around, or to tackle the toes of my shoes! 😀

His surgical site is looking pretty good. He still has a couple of tender looking spots, but they seem to be lessening.

He’s got 2 more nights of his pain medications left, I believe, which means he’ll be out of them before he’s back at the vet to get the sutures removed. Hopefully, he will not need them anymore. He’s been remarkably tolerant in being given the medication, but we’ll be happy to not have to put him through that anymore!

Transitioning him from a room all to himself, into a house full of cats is going to be interesting.


The Re-Farmer

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