Daily Ginger baby update

Heeeeerrrrreee’s Ginger!

Ginger does love to roll around! He doesn’t seem to mind a bit of spilled water in the way, either. 😀 He was quite happy to let me pet him, as I went in and out to feed his brothers.

Nutmeg actually let me touch him this morning, and even skritch his head a bit – but not until there was food in the bowl!

Gosh, Creamsicle Jr. looks ornery! 😀

Even their calico cousin came by for eats.

Would you call that a calico? I don’t know. I am fascinated by the fact that the patches of both grey and orange fur have tabby stripes in them.

With the high winds we had in previous days, I actually shifted the kibble house to have the back facing south, instead of being at an angle to the cat’s house. We had so much wind from the south east, it was actually blowing around the smaller kibble bowls. I had it an an angle because I wanted the space in front of the entry to the cat’s house more open, but the whole point of it is for the cats to be sheltered while they ate, and that wasn’t happening!

Ginger actually let me pick him up and cuddle with him after I fed his brothers and cousin. I even tucked him into my coat, though it wasn’t anywhere near chilly enough for it. He was a bit restless in my arms shifting about until he was curled up on my chest, with his head hanging down. It made it easier to give him head skritches, which he really, really liked.

Then he started licking my hands! He went into full grooming mode. Apparently, my fingers and wrists in particular, are very tasty. 😀

What a sweetie!

I think I spent about half an hour, cuddling with him before I had to head out again, and he was quite happy with the attention. He was also up to jumping down himself when I stood up, rather than waiting for me to put him down.

Day after tomorrow, and he’s at the vet to get the sutures removed. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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