Technical difficulties: still figuring it out

First up, many thanks to Fyreglass and her hubby for all the help with my technical difficulties! So far, the problem hasn’t been solved, but my goodness, my computer is working much more efficiently! 😀

In fact, as I type this, the text is showing up as a combination of black and magenta. I am also still getting things like this.

Which isn’t too bad, compared to the neon green I usually get.

I spent hours last night, trying different things. This is what I’ve been able to figure out.

It’s definitely a Firefox issue, more than anything else. I did sometimes see it in Chrome, while in my email, for example, but getting the new monitor somehow solved that. Things actually appear on the screen faster than before, which is not something I expected to see a difference in. That’s usually an internet connectivity issue, but apparently, my old monitor – which was much older than my current computer – didn’t process as quickly.

Re-installing Firefox did not fix the issue. I’ve noticed that Firefox is a data hog, compared to other browsers. I use it for this blog and under my Re-Farmer profile simply because I don’t like having to log in and out repeatedly in the same browser, and I use Chrome for my personal stuff. I’ve also used Explorer in the past, and tried several other browsers. They all have their issues, and I keep finding myself going back to Firefox and Chrome, because the issues they have are easier to work around than the others I’ve tried.

I’ve used Glary and cleaned up all sorts of things. By this morning, when I double checked with my husband before deleting a couple of games he’d installed on this computer, before he was able to replace his own that died during the move, I’d freed up about 100 gigs of space.

I checked my drivers, and they are up to date. My video card is working fine.

Anything on WordPress – especially the editor – is the most affected, but it also affects things like Facebook and Pinterest. I’ve gone back and forth between browsers to test things out and, while there are definitely loading issues in general, which would be an internet issue, it is only on Firefox that the weird colours and text issues are showing up.

In fact, I’m going to pause and take a screen capture, just to show you what it looks like right now, as I work on this post.

WordPress is one of the platforms that I have the most loading issues with. Especially the editor, but just about every WordPress blog I try to visit has major issues, from the “like” button never loading, to the formatting going completely haywire, to simply timing out and not loading at all. Over and over and over again. Anything embedded in a post (like a video, or a reblog) generally fails to load, and trying to leave a comment is almost impossible. While using Chrome, the loading issue seems more limited to the editor and admin pages, than while visiting blog pages. The stats in particular reeeeaaaallllyyy don’t like to load, even though everything else around it (side bars, headers, etc.) will load just fine.

It’s not just WP, though. I get it in Facebook and Pinterest as well, though not as bad, nor as often. Since doing some PC maintenance, and my computer is working faster, I no longer have the problem in my gmail, as in the screen capture I’d posted yesterday. I might even be able to catch up on my emails now! 😀

And, just to make things even more confusing, it will often change, right before my eyes. For example, if you click on the above image to see it larger, check out the text in the bottom left corner. Before I took the screen capture, that’s what the text in my side bar on the right looked like. After capturing the image, then resizing it before uploading it, that text went wonky again. As I am writing this right now, the text in my side bar is messed up, not clear and legible, as it is in the image I screen captured just a little while ago.

Oh! Now it’s blinking back and forth!!

So now I’m thinking the problem is a combination of two things.

One: it’s a loading issue. Even though I have a WiFi booster (which I even moved to a different location, in hopes it’ll get the signal better), something about the corner my “office” is in does not connect with the internet as efficiently as other parts of the house.

The other is Firefox: while I have problems loading things on other browsers, it is only on Firefox that the weird colours and disappearing text is happening the most. Where other browsers just take longer to load, Firefox does the weird text and colours.

*sigh* I’ve even saved my draft and reloaded this several times while working on it, but that magenta text just won’t go away – and it’s only happening here, in my editor, as I write this. It’s not happening when I load a published post.

It’s getting very hard on the eyes, so I’ll go ahead and post this. I might have to just stop using Firefox and find another browser to use for my Re-Farmer profile. Trying to use the WordPress editor has been even worse in other ways, in the various browsers I’ve tried, which is why I kept coming back to Firefox.


The Re-Farmer

(ps: I just edited this post to fix a typo I missed, and the magenta text is gone, as is the weird blocky, unreadable text in the side bars. No consistency at all!)

8 thoughts on “Technical difficulties: still figuring it out

    • It seems to happen only in Firefox. Other browsers have trouble loading, but since I got the new monitor, they don’t do the coloured text thing, and they never did the neon green or pixelated thing.


      • I’ve tried Brave a few times. I find it very user unfriendly.

        I just tried opening it again, to remind myself, and it wouldn’t even finish opening. I don’t know why it’s such a problem for me. I know quite a few people who use it, and have no such issues.


      • I’ve found that, when I online shop, Brave works better than FF. You are right. FF is a memory hog. It’s not big on privacy like Brave and some sites don’t render properly.

        Another memory hog is Opera. That one is an octopus. You can’t totally shut it down.

        I also keep Waterfox & Pale Moon around when I need some streamlined movement. I wouldn’t give you 10 cents for Chrome. IE or Edge.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I almost never shop online, so I don’t have enough data to compare.

        I have a daughter that uses Opera. I’ve tried it, but some websites don’t support it, and I gave up.

        I’ve never heard of Waterfox of Pale Moon. I’ll have to look them up. Thanks!

        I started using Edge when I got my new computer, years ago, because it was the default browser installed. It’s why I now use Chrome.

        I miss Netscape. LOL


      • I miss Netscape, too. When I was working for the State of NC, our department (DOT) had a contract with the Netscape folks. Netscape was the very first browser I ever used because they created a browser/email package for us with the NCDOT symbol, spinning, in place of the Netscape “N.” Even though all of our computers were Windows, DOT only used Netscape instead of IE. Because of all that, I have NEVER used IE.
        You could always download SeaMonkey.
        Closest thing to Netscape. In fact, I might do that, myself…

        Liked by 1 person

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