What is this? (question for the techies)

Okay, so I thought my monitor was the problem, we got a new one, and…

The problem hasn’t gone away.

This is what my gmail looked like a little while ago.

I use the past tense, because when I go to another tab, then come back to it, I see the text, only to have all the text disappear when I try to click on an unread email.

It’s not just gmail. I went to another tab after embedding that image, came back, and now I’m seeing nothing but a neon green block instead of the image. Oh, and the text in all my tabs have disappeared (all WordPress blog posts I’m trying to catch up on), but the icons are still there.

So it’s not the monitor (though I do now have a bigger, better monitor out of it…). It does seem to have improved since I got it, though, which is odd.

I at first thought it was our crappy internet, but I’m the only one in the household having this problem, and it’s only on my desktop.

My husband thinks my computer might be the problem. While I think it’s possible, I don’t think it’s likely.

Is it WordPress not loading properly? WordPress always has more trouble loading than anywhere else, it seems. It does seem to happen almost exclusively on pages hosted by WordPress… except it also happens when I open my gmail.

Is it my browser? I use Firefox for this blog, and Chrome for my personal stuff (I’ve tried others but end up going back to these to, for various reasons). In fact, I just went to my other browser, logged into WP, and browsed around. Images still take forever to load, or sometimes don’t load at all, but I’m not getting that neon green thing happening. Nor am I getting the magenta text that sometimes happens. I also have no problems with my gmail.

Okay. So Firefox is definitely part of the equation. When things don’t want to load in Chrome, they just don’t load. If they don’t want to load in Firefox, I get weird colours or missing text.

Maybe I should try using Tor again. It had issues with WP’s block editor, but WP has updated since I last tried it. I’ll have to test it again.

So… It could be Firefox, plus our crappy internet, just messing me up with blinding green and magenta, and disappearing text that can only be read if I highlight it with my mouse.

Whatever it is, it’s very frustrating!

And occaisonally blinding.

The Re-Farmer

15 thoughts on “What is this? (question for the techies)

    • Argh! I can’t even load my own blog post properly! I’ve reloaded this post over and over, but the image itself isn’t loading. Not even a green box. Just an empty space. I’m glad you were able to see it! Thanks for letting me know.

      Which makes me think it’s our internet, except no one else in the household has the same problem. I even have a little signal booster hooked up to my computer.

      Now, let’s see if this response manages to post. I wrote a comment in someone else’s blog, but when I hit “submit comment”, I’m getting repeated “problem loading page” message. *sigh*

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  1. My husband (the retired computer wizard) suggests trying the following:
    First, uninstall and then reinstall the browser and see if that helps anything. Second, he highly recommends the free version of Glary Utilities (https://www.glarysoft.com/), which checks for – and can often help fix – computer errors. It also notifies you of software updates for the things you have installed. (We both use Glary on our computers.)

    If none of that helps, let us know. Hubby’s actually really good at troubleshooting!

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    • Wow! Thanks for passing on that link! That is easily the best tool I’ve tried yet – and it’s smoking fast, too!

      It didn’t solve the problem, though. LOL

      I was going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, but it gave me the option of “refreshing” (basically, reinstalling it without uninstalling it first).

      I got my text back in my gmail, but I’m still getting the weird colours, but I can’t blame the browser on this one. I’ve spent the last hour or so, continually reloading pages, just to get them to load properly, on both browsers that I use, and it wasn’t just WP that was having problems.

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      • Glad you like the Glary. We find it very useful. And yeah, it’s a really fast download.

        Hubby says if you’re still getting the weird colors – and you’ve already replaced the monitor – then the problem is likely to be the video card. You can check to see if the driver for your video card needs to be updated. There is a free utility called CPUID that will give you all the info on the components within your computer. (https://www.cpuid.com/) Once you know which video card is installed, you can go on the web and look for updates for that card. If it’s made by Intel, ATI or Nvidia, then they’ll have an online utility on the company website to help you find and download the latest driver for your card.

        I had the same green/pink problem on my laptop several months back. We got a stand alone monitor to plug into it and use (instead of using the built in monitor), and the new monitor didn’t show the same color problem as the laptop screen. Hubby says if the new monitor had exhibited the same color problems, it would have indicated a problem with the video card.

        Keep us posted!

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  2. My Firefox (under Linux) browser doesn’t work especially well with WordPress. I don’t get the strange colors, but there is often a lot of stuff that doesn’t properly display.

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