Our 2021 garden: potatoes are in!

Wow, what a windy day we’ve got right now!! I headed out early to do my rounds, so I could finish with the potatoes before it got too hot. It was a lovely 14C/57F when I started.

After all the watering was done and it was time to start with the potatoes, I brought over some extra bags, just in case. I’m glad I did.

I ended up adding one more bag for each type of potato. These didn’t have their bases sewn to make them flat, and you can really tell. They’re more floppy looking than the other ones. Two rows is as deep as we can go to reach the bags along the fence, but I can straddle the extras that got added and reach as far as I need to.

Planting the little fingerling potatoes was a bit weird. There were so many really tiny ones! Where the Yukon Gem and Norland got 3 larger potatoes per bag, or 4 little ones, the fingerlings would have 6 or 7 bitty potatoes.

It took a few more trips with the wheelbarrow for soil to get the new bags started, and all the potatoes topped up. Each bag got a handful of mulch on top, followed by a thorough watering. I’m happy to say that drainage will not be an issue with these bags. I could see the excess moisture soaking through – and it was NOT taking any of the soil with it. It was quite clear.

Thinking ahead to when we will be harvesting from these bags, I figure we’ll probably end up dumping the soil right where the bags are now, and turning the area into another garden bed. There are maples growing on the other side of this fence – they used to be part of the inner yard, when I was a kid – but the area does still get an adequate amount of sunlight. It’ll get more as we finally start cleaning up around those maples, cut away the dead stuff, and prune things back.

By the time I was done, the temperatures had crossed the 20C/68F mark, and the winds were even higher. I took all the transplants we’re hardening off back inside, so they wouldn’t blow away! We’ve got a predicted high of 31C/88F, with a “real feel” of 32C/90F, along with the same heat and air quality warnings we got yesterday. We may get thunderstorms by tomorrow morning. That would be nice!! After today, the temperatures will finally start dropping to a more comfortable range, which should last into June. That will make finishing the last of the garden beds much easier! The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy. 🙂

With the potatoes now planted, that’s one more thing to check off the list!

The Re-Farmer

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