Our 2021 garden: finished one area, started another

Having slept in this morning, I was back in the garden far later than I intended, and it was already getting quite hot. Thankfully, I didn’t have a lot to do to finish the last corn block, and I got it done before the shade was gone.

It’s going to be a real challenge, gardening here. Especially the new blocks for the corn and sunflowers, since we ran out of materials to layer under the soil. Thanks to the rain we’ve had, we will be able to mow the lawn soon, so we will start having grass clippings to mulch with. That will help. Especially since, once the morning shade is gone, this area gets baked. Anything that helps keep the moisture and cool the soil will help!

The next thing to do was measure and mark off where the winter squash, melons and gourds will go.

This is next to the Dorinny corn. While I didn’t need to water anything this morning, it was so hot and windy today, that I watered things this evening. While watering the Dorinny corn, I actually saw corn sprouting!!! Just the very tips, breaking through the soil. I’m very excited to see them!

But I digress…

I measured the first row of flags to be 5 ft away from the corn bed; about 1 1/2 meters. After the soil is added – and whatever we manage to scrounge up to layer under it – there should be a path of 3 – 4 feet between the corn bed and the squash.

We are also going to need to clear out some roots. It looks small in the photo, but this is a partially exposed root in what will be the inside path of the squash tunnel. The girls had tried to take out what appeared to be a small poplar sapling, which are all over this area, only to find it was attached to a thick root. We just never got back to it with the tools needed to cut through the root.

Each flag marks where we will be digging post holes (hopefully, without having too many roots in the way!). The two rows are 5 ft apart, and the flags are 5 ft apart in each row. We will need 10 upright supports that are 7ft/2m long to get a squash tunnel that will be 6 ft high and 5 ft wide.

For that, we need building materials.

Which meant doing more clean up in the spruce grove.

That will get it’s own post, next!

The Re-Farmer

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