Our 2021 garden: first loss

While checking on the garden beds this morning, I found this.

One of the transplanted Mongolian Giant sunflowers was pulled up. With the leaves gone, I didn’t even see it at first. It was the gap in the spacing that had me looking for it.

Thankfully, it is the only one that was nibbled on.

I’m glad I moved the trail cam from the tulips to the garden. On checking the files this morning, I spotted a deer running by on the far side of the self-sown trees by the main garden beds. Something had startled it away, which is likely why there was only one plant eaten.

Right now, I’ve got the camera set up nearer the house, covering most of the main garden beds, with the far beds and blocks visible in the distance. We’ve got so many things around the main beds by the house, including the makeshift covers on the spinach, that I think they’re pretty safe now. I want to move it to cover the corn and sunflower blocks. I want to see where the deer are still coming in, to give me an idea of where we need to add deterrents. I think I’ll tie grocery bags to the stakes at the sunflowers to flap in the wind, too. It is very likely that the ones tied to the pea trellis are what startled the deer away, though there is no way to know for sure.

Today is not supposed to get as hot as yesterday – though previous forecasts had today being the hotter day, so who knows. We aren’t supposed to hit our expected high of the day until 7pm, though. Usually, the hottest part of the day is around 4 or 5pm. They’re also predicting thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, and possible rain today. Looking at the weather radar, I’m expecting most of that to pass us by. I’m hoping to finally add the cross pieces onto the squash tunnel today, and maybe even find enough straight pieces to cut more for the bottoms of the frame.

We’ll see what the day brings!

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Our 2021 garden: first loss

  1. My aunt used empty cans and those cheap pie tins tied so a breeze would cause them to “clunk” noisily together. She also said they seemed to hate walking through mint plants. She said she’d watch them take a step or two into the mint, back up and go somewhere else

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    • I seriously considered buying some of those tins at the dollar store, just for that! I should have, but I really wanted to get out of the store. :-/ We should have cans in our recycling that we could use, though.

      Very interesting to hear that about the mint! That’s good to know. One of the things we intend to do, long term, is border plants the deer like to eat with plants they don’t like, and hope they won’t be willing to go through the ones they don’t like. Mint is one of the things we want to grow in the future (well contained!) when we start doing herbs.


    • I think mint will grow anywhere – whether you want it or not! LOL A lot of varieties can grow here. Some even made its way through the cardboard and layers of mulch we used on the old kitchen garden. I didn’t know my mom had mint there to begin with!

      When I was a kid, I remember finding these pretty plants with lovely flowers growing along the edge of one of our dugouts. I picked some for the house, then went looking to find out what they were. They turned out to be mint, very similar to spearmint. I’d never seen mint plants before. I’d only seen dried mint. Why they were growing there, I have no idea!

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