I almost forgot…

Just before heading inside to get out of the heat, I made sure to mist the transplants waiting for their new homes, and I found a surprise.

My apologies for the out of focus photo.

There is a new gourd seedling! A Thai Bottle Edible gourd sprouted! It wasn’t there when I took the trays out this morning. Not only that, but you can just see another Ozark Nest Egg sprout, pushing its way through the soil.

With their very long days to maturity, we can’t expect anything, but they will get transplanted out, anyhow.

We planted very few seeds from these, so we can try again next year. If we do, I intend to invest in a warming mat for seed trays – and start the seeds earlier! Clearly, we just couldn’t get it warm enough in the aquarium greenhouses for them to sprout, but this heat way seems to be waking them up!

Ah, well. Live and learn!

The Re-Farmer

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