There was a strange man out my window!

A strange, furry man.

I’ve seen a racoon twice on the trail cam. Once was just a tail tip when it was set over the tulips to see what was eating them. The second time, it went by after the camera was moved to face the sunflowers to see where the deer were coming from.

To be sitting on the couch and suddenly seeing this creature climbing up the pole to the bird feeder was almost surreal!

My daughters and I watched if for a while before I finally tapped on the window to make it stop eating the bird feed. I do wish I still had my phone out, because it went down the pole, head first!

What a remarkable experience!

I wonder if he’s been stealing bird seed before, when we haven’t been around to see it?

The Re-Farmer

Edit: I was able to upload some video I took onto Rumble. WordPress doesn’t seem to handle Rumble well, so please let me know if you have any problems viewing it. 🙂

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