Our 2021 garden: nibbles and attempted nibbles

While doing my morning rounds, I found that something had tried to get under the floating cover on a beet bed.

It seems than an onion did its job of guard duty!

This particular union had been falling over on its own before, and when I picked it up, I could see it’s roots were gone and it had started to rot a bit.

There is now a brick where the onion used to be. LOL

Unfortunately, other things were not so lucky.

While our Crespo squash has not been bothered since we put distractions around it, for the first time, I’ve found some of our Montana Mordao corn has been nibbled on. Just two little ones, right at the corner, suggesting a passing deer. The flags I left from marking where to transplant seem to no longer be enough to keep them away.

Project for this evening, when things cool down a bit: place distracting things around the purple corn.

The Re-Farmer

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