The hoard, and a frustrating update

Oh, my goodness!

I’d been hearing on some of my local gardening groups that people were having a really bad time with grasshoppers. I knew it was just a matter of time before they moved North.

And here they are.

Do you see them on the gravel? All those specks?

The dry grass is hiding many, many more. As I was driving and walking along our driveway, I was startling clouds of them.

I don’t think my phone picked up the sounds, but while walking paste the garage, I could hear the metallic noises as they bounced off the door.

I remember the grasshoppers being bad last year, but not as bad as this!!

As for why I was back and forth on the driveway, I had a very frustrating morning.

I heaved out very early to get to the court house in a nearby city – applying for a restraining order doesn’t get dealt with in the small, local courts. I was met by my brother, who was technically still at work. We had time to go over my papers a bit while we tried to figure out what to expect, and he kept up with work on his phone. We were told things would start at 10, so we walked over for 9. Always before, we had been able to come in and wait.

But then, always before, things turned out to be cancelled.

I think we were the first people to show up. The security guard recognizes me by now. No issues with my Mingle Mask. Because we were so early, we were told to wait outside, or come back closer to 10. So we walked back to my brother’s care and we went through our papers some more, trying to figure out what we might need – if anything at all – and he continued to work. When we walked back again, it was shortly after 9:30. There was another security guard there, and she asked our names. It turns out my name was not on the docket; just our vandal’s. After clarifying what we were there for and our connection to the file, she took the list and left to talk to someone about it. When she came back, she told us that they would not see our file until after 11, explaining the order that things were going to be taken, starting with federal files. As my application was done by me, as an individual, and not a crown case, it would be among the last files addressed. We talked about coming back at 10:30 and she said we could, but we might be waiting as much as an hour.

So we left again. That’s when I mentioned I hadn’t had breakfast yet, so we started to think about where we could walk to. As we did, we saw our vandal and his wife drive by, so my brother wanted to get a move on, so as not to cross paths with them. Our province is still locked down, despite never having had a need to be, even over the winter, so I wasn’t sure where we could go that I would be allowed in. We finally decided to try a restaurant across the street. Signs said groups from one household only. When we went in, they didn’t say anything about the Mingle Mask and were going to seat us, but then we were asked if we were from the same household. My brother said we were family, but not the same household. We were then asked if we were vaccinated. Which is actually illegal to do, as it falls under the Privacy Act, but I didn’t think of that right away. My brother just got his second shot (which is a problem, because now I have to stay away from my family as much as possible for the next while), but not me.

I was then told I would have to eat by myself.

My brother was willing to, but I walked out. I will not comply with medical tyranny, any more than I will put up with our vandal’s abuse.

Speaking of which, as we left, we saw our vandal walking into the court building.

There was a nearby grocery store. Unfortunately, I had already heard that they illegally discriminated against people with medical exemptions, but things had supposedly eased up in our province, so maybe that changed?

When we first walked in, no one said anything, so I thought we would be fine. We were walking around to find where they had sandwiches or a deli, but before we could, a manager looking person walked up to me, demanding my papers. Meaning, my medical exemption note. Which is illegal to ask for, not required, and which doctors have been ordered not to give out. I just walked away. He kept talking at me and, while I shouldn’t have done it, I flipped him the bird over my shoulder. His response was to wish me a nice day, in the most sarcastic voice ever. I don’t comply with discrimination, either.

After that, we went to sit in my mother’s car, which I used because it has working air conditioning. My brother was taken aback by how I was treated. He’d never seen anything like it before, but then, I’m apparently the only person he knows that can’t wear a mask.

What I wish I’d thought of was to point out that they had no problem with me in the court building, so why would a restaurant and grocery store have a problem with me?

So we stayed in the car while he worked and we talked, until I could no longer stay seated, as I was starting to have troubles breathing and needed to be upright again. Which is why we were on the sidewalk, heading back to the court building, to see our vandal leaving the building and crossing the street with someone we assume to be his lawyer. We figured he was told to wait outside until 11, too. My brother wanted to avoid him, so we walked around the other side of the block to get to the court building.

When we got there, there was a whole bunch of people waiting outside, but not our vandal. I looked where the car we’d seen him to do had been parked, but didn’t see him there, either.

Since we were still early, I popped in quickly to asked the security guard what the status was.

August 6, he told me.


Yup. Our vandal and his lawyer had been taken in, and it was over and done with. Judging from when we saw them outside, they would have been taken in shortly after 10. The time we were told our file would NOT be seen.

I asked what happened to the 11:00 thing, and the poor guy could only slump and shake his head. He looked so defeated, even with half his face hidden.

My poor brother. This is now the third time he got himself away from work to be there for me, only to have this happen.

The problem it, we don’t actually know what happened. Only that there is a new date. Is it a trial date, because he’s contesting the application? Or did they defer because I wasn’t there? My name wasn’t on the docket, which suggests they didn’t need me there, but I keep getting told by the court office that I do need to be there.

This is so, so frustrating.

After my brother and I parted ways, I took advantage of being in the city and swung by a Walmart to pick up more cat food, and a bagel to eat on the way home. Like the court building, this Walmart has no issues with me. From there I went home and unloaded, then got my husband to call the pharmacy to let them know I was on my way to pick up his refills (he forgot to request delivery) in town, that it would be a parking lot pickup, and give them permission to put it through the till. Because, unlike the court building, the pharmacy still discriminates against people with medical exemptions and I’m not allowed to go in.

When I got back and gave my husband his medications, he found one of them had not been included. We weren’t billed for it, either. So he called them back about it.

It will be delivered on Monday.

Meanwhile, I’ve called my LegalShield firm. My file is updated, and my lawyer will call me about it. I don’t know that there’s any more advice he can give me, but hopefully by then I will have got through to the court office (my call went to voice mail, and the mailbox was full, so I couldn’t even leave a message) to find out what actually happened.

Oh, how I wish LegalShield still had a firm in our province! If I needed to, they would find me a local lawyer at a discounted price, but not as good of a discount as I would get if I were working directly with the firm. Mind you, we probably couldn’t afford even the discounted price, but at least we’d have a better chance of it.


I think I’d rather deal with the hoards of grasshoppers, than with all this garbage.

The Re-Farmer

12 thoughts on “The hoard, and a frustrating update

  1. Grasshoppers… Yikes, it looks like the plague in Egypt. I wonder if there’s something that you could spray that won’t harm the cats. :\ Those things will make short work of your garden otherwise. 😦

    The situation at the store… I’m going to have to play devil’s advocate here (partially) for a moment. Look at the problem from the manager’s end. If people get sick in his store, he’s potentially criminally and civilly liable. Up there, like here, there’s also the problem of people claiming to be vaccinated or have exemptions so they can be public scoff laws. THOSE are the people you should be mad at. They and the government have put merchants in a no-win situation where they’re legally responsible for others’ actions.

    Long story short, I do heartily disapprove of the vast majority of the crap people have put you through here, but providing medical papers shouldn’t be too much to ask. Just because there’s a law, doesn’t mean it’s a good law.


    • No one would be liable here, criminally or civilly. And it’s all completely arbitrary. It is well known that there are exemptions, but some places choose to reject them. It is illegal, but then, so is most of what is being done. So is demanding personal health information.

      The government has repeatedly and publicly said exemptions must be honoured, too. But then, they’ve been talking out of both sides of their mouths the whole time.

      The people that tick me off are the ones who are complying with these arbitrary restrictions in the first place. We’ve known from the start that they only make things worse. If anyone should be legally liable, it’s the ones who created them, and the ones enforcing them.

      Also demanding medical papers is against the law, and it is absolutely too much to ask.


      • 2 things:

        My chickens eat a bazillion grasshoppers and there’s no problem with the taste of their eggs.
        Bugs is bugs, and they do better on the higher protein of eating them.
        Plus, my garden is doing okay without grasshoppers everywhere. πŸ˜‰

        And yep, demanding medical papers is too damn much.
        *ESPECIALLY* since doctors in the province have been threatened with sanctions from their ruling bodies for giving anyone papers of exemption…including those of us who need them.
        Besides, wtf does *any* grocery store worker think they are, that they think they have the right to demand anything medical from a customer?
        Ya, naw that ain’t okay.
        Not in regular times, not in “pandemic” times.
        It’s all a pile of ovine excrement.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I’m glad to hear that about the chickens!

        I wonder what happened to the other person’s eggs, then? Hmm.

        Re: the store demanding to see my “papers”, what really bothers me is how many people are just going along with it. I adore my brother and I know he means well, but his take on it is to do things like wear a “fake” mask, because they don’t care. And he’s right. They don’t care. So why do it?

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