I touched kittens!

Last night, as I was topping up the food dishes near where kittens are, I found Butterscotch and her babies playing around the concrete steps at the side of the house. So I sat on the stairs and scattered some kibble at the bottom to see if I could convince them to come closer.

This was about as close as Bradicus got. At least I could see him! Chadicus just hid in the lilacs and peaked at me. 😀

While I was trying to get a picture of Chadicus (I never did), I heard a small noise beside me.

Broccoli had come over and was licking the container I used to carry the kibble in! 😀

Of course, I scattered some kibble on the step for her, as she ran off a little ways.

Those eyes!!!! My goodness!

Caramel is definitely one of the braver ones. My daughter has actually been able to put Caramel on her lap and scritch her ears.

Eventually, I had both Caramel and Broccoli on the step by my foot, eating kibble, and I was even able to touch and pet both of them!! They’re not comfortable with that at all, but were interested in the food enough to put up with it. A bit.

Gosh, they are cute. I just wish Butterscotch wasn’t leading them to the empty farmyard across the road. These babies need to stay close to the house!

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “I touched kittens!

  1. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? I managed this morning to actually pet one of the adult cats. Itty Bitty (who doesn’t fit that name now but oh well) has been standing up and looking in the door in the mornings as if to try and see if anyone is coming to feed them. This morning she was so intent on eating that I doubt she even realized I was petting her or was just too hungry to care. I was happy though.

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