The winds died down today, which means that the smoke is back. Today is one of the worst days I’ve seen yet. Usually, we don’t get visible smoke in the yard until the end of the day, but that’s how we started, today!

In going to pick up the meat pack we ordered, I drove to a town north of us. The fires are all well to the north of us. By the time I got to the exit for the town, I could barely see past a hundred yards or so!

The parking lot we met at was near a bridge. The river, thankfully, is not as low as I thought it might be, with our drought, but it is still much lower than usual. The smoke is actually thicker than it looks in the photo. By the time we finished chatting and said our goodbyes, my throat was completely raw from the smoke.

Once I was back on the highway, I just had to pull over to get another photo. Again, the camera on my phone automatically cleans up the haze, and it was much denser in real life.

On the plus side, we got our meat order, and we’re quite happy. The individual packages were smaller than we would see in a grocery store, but we also got a larger variety of cuts. They change up the package, depending on the time of year. For the summer, they try to include things for the BBQ (though they do have a separate BBQ package, too), while in the winter, they try to include more things like stewing beef. It’s all frozen solid, so for now, we’re just thawing out the sausages and peppettes to try, first.

Around November, when they do their butchering, they’ll have half or quarter beef available. They have to figure out new pricing for this year, due to the increased costs of having to buy feed for their cattle this year, but I am hoping we’ll be able to get a quarter beef for the winter.

The Re-Farmer

10 thoughts on “Smoked

  1. Oy. I nearly had to break out my inhaler just looking at it! We finally got a bit of rain that cleared the valley here, but the smoke has been awful for us as well. I pulled up a map of current fires and zoomed out and we are just surrounded by all sides it seems. Crazy!

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    • I don’t know about your area, but here, there are fires every year. Nature’s way of cleaning up all the debris. :-/ So, to a certain extent, this is to be expected. This year has been so dry, after the last couple of years also being dry, the conditions are just horrible. It’s been a long time since it’s been this bad!

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  2. My parents used to buy 1/2 beef and stock a huge freezer. But the best time was when my dad came home with 33 gallons of extra creamy ice cream that he got for $1ea because the accidental high cream content made them out of compliance. Best summer ever!!

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    • California has had such insane fires!!

      You got me curious and I checked our provinces fire map. As of right now, there are 22 out of control wildfires. All but one to the north of us, one the one is east, among those on the other side of the lake. Ten are being “being held” (one step under “out of control). Ninety five (!!!!) are being “monitored”, one is listed as “no action”, and twenty one are “under control.”

      They also have the “out” fires on the map, and there are easily a couple hundred of those. The earliest detection date in all these is Mar. 22. Most of these fires seem to have started in July, though May had a lot of fires detected, too.

      The only “positive” thing about so many of these is that they are in such remote areas, they are not affecting a lot of communities. There just aren’t that many up there. Some of the reserves have been evacuated, though. It does explain a lot of wildlife sighting lately, like a friend a mile away who had a bear break apart his bird feeder yesterday morning. !!


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