Green gold

Today, one of my daughters and I headed out to do more of our monthly stock up that I wasn’t able to do when I did our Costco run. It was a good opportunity to also order and pick up my husband’s birthday pizza. 🙂 It’s not his birthday today, but we tend to spread out our celebrations over several days.

Before we got to indulge, though, we had some green gold to gather.

Today we hit 23C/73F with the humidex at 25C/77F, and full sun. That gave the grass clippings from yesterday’s mowing in the outer yard a chance to dry. My other daughter helped me rake it up and haul it over.

We now have a nice little haystack next to the compost pile, ready to be used in the low raised beds. This is from the two areas of the outer yard pictures, plus one more wheelbarrow full from the overgrown lane between them.

It would have been nice to have clippings like this throughout the summer; they would have been a huge help in keeping the garden beds mulched when it was needed most! Ah, well. Now that we have it, it will help us prepare our garden beds for next year! 🙂

I never thought I would get all excited about having and collecting grass clippings. 😀

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Green gold

    • We haven’t managed to get a completed compost, yet! The compost pile that was already here had garbage and branches in it. We cleaned up the garbage, but it will take a while to break down. We have been burying our compost heap contents in the garden beds we have been making, and will be using it again as we prepare beds for next year. The grass clippings will be worked into them, too. A pile like this gets really hot, fast, so I want to get that done quickly. I wouldn’t want it to spontaneously combust! Lol


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