Spice boy is back!

I headed outside for a bit this afternoon, and as I was puttering around, there were – of course – kittens all over the place. Usually, they are pretty quiet, but I started to hear a plaintive little meow from over by the shrine.

Looking over, I saw an orange kitty and went over to check if there was food in the tray under the shrine, for Rosencrantz, Nosencrantz and Toesencrantz. As I came closer, Toesencrantz kept meowing, and didn’t run away, so I decided to try and come closer.

Much to my surprise, that orange kitty actually came over for pets.

Which is when I realized I was petting Nutmeg!

Nutmeg had disappeared when Potato Beetle came back.

Seeing Nutmeg again was a pleasant enough surprise, but the other surprise was how friendly he was! Between Nutmeg and Ginger, Ginger was the one that was more socialized. Which is good, because otherwise, we would have had a much harder time catching him when he was injured. Nutmeg rarely let us touch him.

Today, Nutmeg couldn’t seem to get enough attention! He let me pick him up, and cradle him, and when I sat on the steps to the storage house (which gave Ghost Baby a chance to get some food from the tray under the shrine), he was all over me. He would go on the steps behind me and hug me around the neck, climb on my shoulders and snuzzle into my braid, and just wanted pets, pets and more pets!

Unfortunately, every now and then, he would start to hiss, and I would find a kitten passing, nearby. He may be friendlier than ever with me, but wherever he’s been for the past few months, he’s become much less friendlier with other cats!

Just look at that boi!!

He is very thin, but I’m not sure it’s so much from hunger, as from him being a much slighter cat. He has a build more like Saffron and Turmeric. Very small and light, and looking very kittenish. While I was out, Toesencrantz came by, and I could compare. Toesencrantz is not quite as tall as Nutmeg, but is already looking burlier. Toesencrantz has got a build more like Ginger or Keith.

Now I’m on the lookout for Nostrildamus to return, too! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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