Morning fur babies

So many hungry babies!

Once again, we have nine kittens and three adults in there. Junk Pile cat is even there, tucked into the corner on the right. Potato Beetle is barely visible at the tray on the ground, and Nutmeg is in the middle of all the kittens. Rosencrantz, Toesencrantz and Nosencrantz were at the tray under the shrine, with Ghost Baby nervously prowling back and forth, wanting to go to the food, but nervous with so many other cats. I had to chase off Potato Beetle, because he decided he wanted to eat at the tray under the shrine, too, but when he saw Rosencrantz and Ghost Baby, he went into hunting mode.

Nasty boy!

Rolando Moon was also around, but she preferred to wait well away from the other cats before she went to eat.

Little Nosencrantz has taken to following me around at a distance, as I work around the yard. This morning, she came over while I was picking tomatoes. I was able to step over to her and pet her, without her running away! Perhaps she was more distracted by Rolando Moon on the other side of me, growling a warning for her to stay back. 😀

Gosh, I love that nose! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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