I got balls!!

How’s that for a click bait title? 😀

Seriously, though, I do. The Baoding balls my husband ordered for me came in!

These are made from Afghanistan jade, so they do not have any tones. My husband got a pair of chrome ones for himself, which are hollow and produce different tones while in use.

The cats were VERY curious when he first used them!

As you can see, I had a curious cat while taking the above photo, too!

You can read about the history of them here, with very detailed instructions on how to use them, here.

We both got 2 inch diameter balls. I may be 8″ shorter than my husband, but my hands are just as broad as his are, so the larger size works well for both of us. They do come in smaller sized, though. I’ve even found one place that makes them up to 3 inches in diameter! Made from machined copper, so they way over 4 pounds, so… a bit much even for my simian hands! 😀 I’m seeing others made from materials like malachite and citrine that catch my eye.

I think having more than one pair wouldn’t be a bad idea… 😀

These should go a long way in helping with the osteoarthritis in my hands, and help build my hand strength and mobility back up. It’s going to take a while to get used to manipulating them again, after not using them for at least two decades.

So far, I’ve only dropped one, once. Onto carpet, thankfully! 😀 While using my right hand, of course – I’m predominantly left handed, and it’s my right hand that has the injured middle phalange, so it’s going to be some time before I can use them smoothly with my right hand. For the first while, I will be focusing just on being able to rotate them smoothly, without clacking them against each other. Over time, I should be able to rotate them without the balls actually touching each other.

I am very happy to have these again! I highly recommend them.

The Re-Farmer

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