Kitties, kitties, everywhere!

Lately, while doing my morning rounds, I’ve find myself being watched and followed. Today, I had a whole crowd interested in what I was doing, while fixing up the fallen window to the storage house.

So. Many. Kitties!

I’m rather surprised that Junk Pile has been following me around more often, and coming closer. Not enough for me to pet her, but almost.

She may not be willing to let me touch her, but she’s comfortable enough to flop on the ground and start rolling!

She made some maternal noises while she was rolling about.

They got answered!

Her boy, Tuxedo Mask, came running, meowing away!

Then one of the tabbies showed up. I believe this is Chadicous, one of Butterscotch’s two tabbies.

Chadicous wasn’t willing to come any closer, but Nosencrantz sure was!

Such a cutie!

The kitties do love that picnic table!

I’m not sure which of the ‘icusous is on the table, but it’s one of Junk Pile’s babies.

I got distracted by a Caramel going by and suddenly…

… two kittens at the picnic table became five!

I believe that’s Chadicous under the table. The other four look to be all from Junk Pile’s litter.

Then I heard the strangest little beeping noise and found…

… Toesencrantz, checking out the replaced window set up!

I was not the only one curious about the beeping noise.

His cousins came to check him out, too!

Meanwhile, Caramel was checking out her… brother? Cousin? One of the ‘icouses, anyhow. πŸ˜€

Oh, look! I’m being watched from above, now! πŸ˜€

The cats just love climbing all over these huge old maples.

Even Toesencrantz tried his hand (claw? paw?) at climbing an elm.

He didn’t get any farther than this. πŸ˜€

So many kitties!!!

The Re-Farmer

13 thoughts on “Kitties, kitties, everywhere!

  1. I lost count. How many cats? I take it they aren’t yours as they won’t let you touch them. Are they feral cats you’ve named or neighborhood cats? I love their names. What a great and whimsical post. Or should I say whimsicat?

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    • They are yard cats. Like barn cats, without the barn. Lol. Semi-feral, but we try to socialize them as much as we can, so they stay close to the house, where it is safer from predators.

      This year, we have a kitten count of 11, from 4 litters. We think. Number 11 is a guess. The number of adults fluctuates, but there are usually 5 to 8 around.

      My daughters come up with most of the names. They are very creative! 😁😁


      • Do you ever have kittens neutered? Luckily they have free neutering on lakeside–mainly used by locals or by expats who adopt strays and have them neutered. It is finally having an effect, I think, in the 20 years I’ve been here. I’ve adopted eight dogs and six cats since I’ve been here–adopted out five of the dogs after shots and neutering and kept 3. Kept all of the cats, but since they can roam over the wall if they wish, there are two that eventually didn’t come back. Two others died of natural causes after many many years. We usually have one or two strays in the neighborhood. The last one brought her kittens to me when it was time for weaning…and who could resist kittens? I have friends who are housesitting for a man who has 70 pets!!! All live in the house. I’m afraid that is grossly excessive but I applaud his warm heart.

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      • For the outside ones, no. We’d have to catch them, first. What we had been trying to do is try and tame the females enough to bring them inside. Plus we tried to bring pregnant females inside so we could have a chance of socializing the babies. Unfortunately, getting females fixed out here costs $350. Probably more, now. Males cost half what it costs to do a female, so we were able to fix the makes, but only a could of females. We have had no luck adopting them out since the lockdowns, so now we have 16 indoor cats. Not sustainable!! There are no programs we qualify for, and have yet to be able to get into the cheap days some vets do once a year. So we care for them as best we can, and hope the coyotes don’t get the outside cats.


      • Are there no programs there? I know it is a huge problem. Luckily, you seem to live on a farm where they are fulfilling a purpose and can feed themselves on vermin. I hope your indoor cats at least go in and out. At any rate, thanks for caring for them. My dad was a rancher/farmer but we lived in town. He was always bringing kittens or other small animals home whose parents had been killed in one way or another–predators or farm machinery running over them by accident. Lucky us, though. It was wonderful having them and with no vet in our small town, they frequently died of distemper or other kitty diseases. The wild animals usually survived to eventually be released to the wild, though.

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      • There are programs. We just don’t qualify for them, for various reasons. We can’t let the indoor cats out, or we would have even more kittens! Thankfully, we do have a large house.

        The outside cats earn their keep by keeping down the rodent population. πŸ™‚


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