The Best

Our renters are the best.

Okay, they’re actually my brother’s renters, but you know what I mean.

I messaged them asking if I could hire someone to clear our driveway some time this weekend.

Someone came over, tonight!

Isn’t that a thing of beauty?

There was so much snow, he actually had to push some of it almost past the pump shack.

Would you just look at that? Wide enough for two vehicles! And room enough to back out of the garage and turn. I tried to get some more photos, but they didn’t work out. It’ll have to wait until daylight. I don’t think the road has been plowed yet, either.

Tractors are wonderful things. Especially tractors with front end loaders!

Afterwards, I sent another message to ask how much was owed, but she didn’t know. Her husband had gone to bed without saying anything about it.

What makes this even more awesome is that they lost power during the blizzard, and didn’t get it back again until shortly before I first messaged about the driveway. They went 36 hours without power! Yes, they have generators, thankfully. I can’t imagine running an operation as big as theirs on generators for very long!

They are so awesome!!! With just one pass, he did more than I was able to do in hours! I’m just thrilled.

Oh, I remembered to bring that lock from the gate in to take a closer look. I couldn’t see what I saw before, so I got the key and tried it.

It went in just fine.

Either I goofed completely and the lock was just frozen or something, or whatever was in it fell out while I was carrying it.

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “The Best

  1. If we got that much snow everything would shut down for days. There would be panic in the streets and overjoyed children. And my poor dog wouldn’t have a clue..

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    • When I first moved out on my own, living in the city, we got hit by a massive blizzard. The city was shut down for three days. People were stuck at work the whole time. I remember watching someone cross country skiing down my streey. The city called on those with snowmobiles to bring doctors and nurses to the hospital’s they worked at. It took the test of a week just to get the major routes plowed and buses running. Many residential areas didn’t get their streets plowed for another month.

      Ten years later, I was back with a husband and child, just in time for another massive blizzard. What a difference! The city really learned from the last one. They had a whole fleet of plow trucks going all night. The city barely even slowed down. It was pretty amazing!

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      • Its really funny here the absolute panic that ensues if the weather so much as hints at the potential possibility of snow. Let that very first snow flake fall and store shelves that may have something remaining, are completely wiped out. But we do so rarely get snow to amount to anything, so there is that.

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      • Oh, I get it!

        We lived in Victoria, BC for almost 8 years. We saw snow only 2 or 3 times. The city pretty much shut down. They had to borrow a snow plow from another city. Even the Naval Dockyard would close. The locals just didn’t know how to handle snow. Then there were all the out of province military families thinking they’d gone crazy! Lol.

        I will grant that geography played a part. There were almost no flat roads, just hills. The dockyard closed because part of the road into it was so steep, if there was any ice, you couldn’t drive up it.


      • One thing that is so odd about this area, we could have snow (when we get it) several inches deep in one town, a couple of miles up the road gets nothing. If the snow is coming in from the direction of the Blue Ridge mountains, we usually get very little if anything. If it is coming up from the south, we may be buried. Because there are no mountains to block or slow it down. Since I no longer work, if we get snow, it won’t bother me so bad since I won’t have to get out and attempt to drive around those who don’t know how. That and having plenty of firewood 🙂

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