It was worth it.

I am not a morning person.

Especially when the days are so short.

Not even a glorious sunrise quite makes up for having to be heading out so early, on icy roads.

But it was worth it.

I just spent the day at one of the nearby towns, and am proud to say that I have officially passed my non-restricted firearms safety course; an early Christmas present from my husband!

I just have to mail in the form to get my license, which might take a few weeks, or a few months, to get processed and mailed to me.

Once I get that, I can legally buy any hunting-type long rifle or shotgun.

Now, I learned how to shoot as a child, and a lot of the rules we have now didn’t exist back then. There wasn’t much I had to “unlearn”, though. With the written test, I only got one answer wrong, and it was a silly one. It was a true/false shotgun question, and I am only slightly more familiar with them than I am with a muzzle loader! 😀 I’ll be getting a prize in the mail, though!

The practical part of the test had me handling weapon types I’d only ever seen in movies until today. Thankfully, being unfamiliar with a weapon did not generally result in lost points.

One thing I found interesting, particularly as someone who lives in the boonies; as long as we meet some pretty basic, common sense safety precautions, we’re pretty much wild west out here. Especially if there is a concern about wild animals in the area. While the list of restricted weapons and ammunition is longer here in Canada, and pretty stupid (some are banned basically because they look scary, and there’s even an air rifle that reaches only 350fps that’s banned. My crossbow does over 400fps!), thanks to the gun registry being rightfully thrown out, as long as we’ve got our license and keep it up to date, there are not a lot of restrictions.

Granted, we don’t have the budget to actually buy a rifle any time soon, but once I get the license, at least it will be an option. We also want the girls to take the course, too, though for the cost, it would be just one at a time. Which is fine. As long as I’m not the only one in the household with the license.

I am quite happy. It was worth it, and allows us to eventually get one more type of tool needed for living out here.

On a completely different note, today is the first Sunday of Advent, and while I was gone, the girls were kind enough to bring the bins of Christmas stuff up from the basement. Time to start some cat-proof decorating! 😀

Oh, and on another completely different note, and one that I was actually kind of expecting.

I got an email from our vandal’s lawyer, rather late on Friday, wanting to talk to me on the phone. Sure enough, our vandal did NOT agree to the conditions, so we do not have our Peace Bond against him. His lawyer will call me on Monday (tomorrow) to tell me what happened, and to talk next steps. I expect he will suggest mediation, which is where our vandal and I sit down with a third party, who tries to get us to work something out. Which I would be willing to do, if we were dealing with someone rational, but we’re dealing with someone who can’t accept responsibility for his actions, things everything is everyone else’s fault, and believes he’s entitled not only to what’s on the farm, but to have complete access to everything here, any time he wishes, as if we weren’t living here – except that I’m supposed to invite him in for tea after he verbally abuses me and vandalizes stuff. So I don’t see that mediation would be of any use. Which would mean going to trial, and the earliest court dates that are being booked are a year from now.

Well, we’ll see what happens when I talk to the lawyer on Monday.


At least as long as this drags through the courts, our vandal is behaving and leaving us alone, even if he does sometimes still phone my mother and leave nasty messages about how horrible we are. Ah, well. It is what it is. We just go along the best we can, while this drags on!

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “It was worth it.

  1. Congratulations!!
    Reminded me of another Vegas option: There’s place where you can shoot nearly any kind of gun/firearm that exists. Old WWII German handguns to the most super powered automatic weapons.

    I’d rather do Dig It, but to each their own

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations!
    Now it will just take forever to get your license. lol
    The backlog has been a bit nuts.
    Getting the course done is half the battle. Especially in these trying times.
    If the instructor is who I think it is, she’s frickin’ awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!

      The instructor specifically told us that if we don’t have it by 4 months, call and check, because even with the backlog, we should have it before then.

      And yeah, the instructor was amazing!

      Next is the hunter’s safety course, which can be done online, but I’m in no hurry on that one, yet.


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