Where’s the beef? Here’s the beef!

Yay!!! We got our quarter beef in today!

It was awesome meeting the delivery in a parking lot, like we were doing some sort of drug deal. 😀

So, 125 pounds of packaged cuts, plus the extra breakfast sausages we picked up, fit into four boxes, which also fit perfectly into our little utility wagon.

One box was almost all beef bones. The plastic bag has the sausages. I’ve never made bone broth before, and I’m really looking forward to giving it a go!

One box had stew meat and different cuts of steaks.

It has been AGES since I’ve had a good steak!

A third box was all roasts and ribs, and the fourth was all ground beef.

We did have things in the freezer before putting this in, but right now, it’s mostly beef in there. I kept out a couple of packages of breakfast sausages to thaw out, and also took a prime rib roast for the fridge freezer. We’ll be having that for New Year’s.

I’ve never done prime rib before. It’s going to be awesome!

We won’t be getting a lot of frozen stuff when we do our big shop before Christmas – there’s hardly any room left!

We’re shooting to get a half pig for next fall. Which means that, unless we get a bigger or a second freezer, or start canning quite a lot of meat (which I plan to do), we won’t have room for more than a quarter beef as well. I’d like to get a half beef next time, though, so that is something we will keep in mind over the summer. My parents had two freezers; one just for meat, and one for everything else. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a second one, though we’ll have to figure out what we want to take out of the old kitchen to fit on. We’ve got seating in there right now, to enjoy in the summer, but didn’t really use it much.

We’ll figure it out.

For now, we are well stocked with enough beef to last us for a good while!

Gosh, that feels good.

The Re-Farmer

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