A Cabbages update

After a brief and sunny respite, it looks like the storm has finally hit us for real. Temperatures have dropped to -21C/-6F, with a wind chill of -35C/-31F – and this time, we don’t look at all sheltered from it, from what I’m seeing on the live feed of the garage cam! It’s supposed to end overnight, and then tomorrow, we’re supposed to reach a high of -24C/-13F with a wind chill of -36C/-33F. It’s supposed to be about the same for one more day, before warming up to -8C/18F!

Which means we’re going to be digging ourselves out for a couple of very cold days.

Meanwhile, we are warm and safe indoors, and I thought it was a good time for a Cabbages update.

Beep Beep keeps coming over to groom her, then Turmeric comes over and tries to force her way in between them! Jealous of the attention her adopted sister is getting, it seems. 😀

Cabbages is slowly getting better. I see her drinking water on her own more often, so we’re not as concerned about using the syringe to get her hydrated. She has little interest in eating, though. It looks like she can’t smell food right now! Her breathing is fine, so she’s not stuffed up. She’s also more active, and fights us off more when we try to feed her. She stomach seems stable enough that we’re using the syringe to feed her a little more often, and we’ll keep increasing the feedings as much as we are able.

I get to do the feeding part while my daughters have been taking turns, holding her. Both of them have bloody scratches to show for it! She may be almost skin and bones right now, but she’s still remarkably strong.

She still spends most of the day sitting like a little bony loaf in different spots in my office/bedroom all day. As I write this, she is back on the warming mat. 🙂 The main thing, though, is that she is improving!

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “A Cabbages update

  1. Those negative temps (F) are scary. We’ve been there. I’ve also been there with a sick cat. 24 hours without eating is enough to shut their livers down. We found out the hard way. About $3000 later, and she was ok. But from then on, if I didn’t see her eat, she got a syringe of liquified cat food down her throat. She learned pretty quick. When I would come at her with a syringe, she would just go ahead and eat.

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    • There is no chance of exposure to anything like that. She had no respiratory problems. Just a bit stuffy, and one session in the bathroom with steam cleared that up. She had been throwing up more often. The last time she threw up, it smelled like poop. By then, she was hardly eating or drinking, so she didn’t have much for stomach contents to eject. That’s why I wanted to be cautious with the food goo.


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