Dramatic kitty, and looking ahead

I had a smaller crowd of outside cats this morning.

There was still kibble left from being topped up yesterday, so I think a lot of them were well fed and content to stay in wherever their preferred shelters are.

But not Chadiccus!

He kept flinging himself under my feet while I tried to walk, then lying there as if he’d been slain. 😀

What a ham!

We’ve got a couple more cold days after today, one really warm one, then back down to average temperatures for this time of year. I’ve been looking ahead at the end of the month, thinking on when would be best to head into the city for our monthly shop. We shall see if we will even bother going in. Thanks to continued draconian restrictions, the supply chain was being disrupted, and the truckers have finally had enough. There is currently a convoy of truckers on their way to Ottawa, in a protest to end medical tyranny. Last I heard, they had more than 50,000 trucks from all across the country, with more expected to join as they slowly make their way across the country. They’ve also raised over $2 million in donations, to help pay for fuel and other necessities for the truckers. About the only response we’ve had from our federal government has been for our Prime Minister to threaten to designate the truckers as domestic terrorists, which would allow GoFundMe to deny them the funds raised. Our government funded media (which is basically all mainstream media, since they got billions in bail out money), of course, is trying to ignore what’s happening completely, or if they do report on it, they don’t tell the truth about what’s actually going on. We shall see if their tune changes over the next few days. Personally, I doubt it. At least not for the biggest companies. Their survival has depended on government handouts for years, now.

We’ve got about a week before we need to go into the city to stock up again. Depending on how things go in the next while, there may not be a point in trying to shop in the city. There won’t be anything to buy.

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “Dramatic kitty, and looking ahead

  1. I saw some mention of that the other day but was in a hurry and didn’t get to read the article. My mother keeps talking about the empty shelves here, I don’t dare comment that it could and probably will get much worse.

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    • It’s going to be scary, if something doesn’t change soon. The shortages are completely artificial.

      As I write this, I am parked along the road through our little hamlet. A convoy from a town north of us will be passing through, on their way to join the one to Ottawa. From the updates I’m getting from someone in the convoy, there are over 150 vehicles. Trucks, tractors and personal vehicles. More are still joining. And this from a low population area!

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  2. Wow, so sorry to hear it, but thank you for the update! I feel much more confident about what I’m hearing from actual local people in this way than I do from MSM or even alternative media these days. I pray for y’all it is soon resolved! In TX of course we have the border issue which sounds really bad, but I don’t know anyone down there, and that’s quite a ways from us. Wish it was easier to verify. The scoundrels that get away with this inverted leadership drive me nuts!

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    • Yeah, my thing is to try and find the first hand stuff as much as possible, bypassing the media entirely. Thankfully, technology allows us to do that, even though the main social media platforms are doing their best to censor anything that doesn’t fit the narrative!

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