Our 2022 garden: more sproots! (updated)

With the cold and snow outside, it is so exciting to see green things growing in our aquarium greenhouse.

The one pot with the Cup of Moldova seedlings had more popping up by morning, but by evening…

Yes!! There is now a seedling in another pot!

It is still only the Cup of Moldova tomatoes that are sprouting. I find it interesting that they are germinating so much faster. Especially compared to the other tomatoes, Sophia’s Choice, which have a much shorter “days to maturity”.

What’s great is that, at this stage, you can almost see them growing. Talk about a psychological boost!

The Re-Farmer

Update: about 2 hours after I took the above photo, I looked again. The one sprout in the front is now standing tall, and another has popped up next to it – and the third pot now has a sprout showing, too!

So many sprooooots!!!

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