Our 2022 garden: another first sprout!

While tending the seed trays last night, I spotted a new first sprout. This morning, it was big enough to get a photo of.


There in the middle, you can just see our very first Purple Beauty pepper sprouting!

Which means that, at this point, the only thing in the tray that has not had any sprouts at all are the canteen gourds. The luffa still has just the 1 sprout. It looks like all the tomato seeds have germinated by now, and there are more eggplant and onions sprouting, too.

Oh, there are no Wonderberry yet, either. They are the ones planted in the double cups next to, but not on, the heat mat, so that might be why.

I am very happy with what looks to be a very high germination rate, so far!

The Re-Farmer

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