The other cats

Here are some cats that are NOT wrecking things!

We had quite a crowd this morning.

The heated water bowl had a layer of ice across the top, but wasn’t frozen solid. The second one in the sun room was bone dry this morning, so it does show that the cats have figured out where they can get water.

These cats, at least, earn their keep! 😉

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “The other cats

  1. I’m having a new cat sighting each night… often doppelgangers, which is kinda freaking me out, in a good way.

    Thanks for taking care of your clan! How much food do you go through?? I’m up to a 22lb bag of dry every 7-10 days, plus 256+ cans/mo.

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    • The doppelgängers must be very confusing at times! You take such good care of them, including so much vet care!!

      I was amazed that you can get 22 lb bags, but then I remembered… there’s 2.2 pounds per kilogram. LOL

      The biggest bags I get are the 9kg (about 20 pounds) bags at Costco. I get 4 of those per month (more would take up too much space on the flat cart), then supplement with another four 7kg/15lb bags from Walmart (they have more varieties of flavour). Six, if I get the econo bags. This winter, we’ve been going through a lot more dry kibble than usual, so we’ve generally had to get 2 or 3 more 7kg bags before our next Costco trip.

      So… anywhere from 8 to 13 bags of kibble. We buy wet cat food only for the inside cats, and it’s basically a treat in the evening, so we only go through about 60-70 cans a month. It’s just too expensive, even if I get the big Costco cases.


      • Wet cat food is hard to find right now! I usually do 4 cans for outside cats + 4 cans for inside cats per night. Dry food is currently free feed indoors + 4 to 6 scoops (16oz cup) per day. I know kitties love the Costco food but I don’t have a membership and people who do always flake on me.

        I have to go through mail to confirm vouchers still didn’t arrive (been so “straight to bed” that I haven’t checked the mailslot in more than a week). I’ve gotta trap TwentyFive ASAP! I’m 99% certain she’s preggers and close to being unethical to abort her babies.

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      • Most of the TNR groups and the city animal shelters provide vouchers worth $85-$100 toward spay/neuter. But they’re hard to get. Some are only good for pets, others for ferals. Some last 6months, others are 30 days. Right now, I have none.

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