That was fast!

I honestly didn’t expect to see a front end loader at our place until much later today. So it was a surprise when, as I was making supper, started hearing the distinctive beeping down of heavy equipment backing up.

A glace out the window, and there was a front end load, starting to clear our driveway. !!

So I ran outside to talk to the driver, and show him where I needed clearing. We walked around the yard a bit as I showed him where the septic truck needed to back up to, and mentioned the warning I got, if the loader started sinking.

He also absolutely refused payment!

These folks are the best. I look forward to being able to do something for them, some day!

There turned out to be one area of concern, but it wasn’t in the yard.

It looks like, as soon as he drove through and the tires sank in the mud, all the water that had been in the paths just drained into it!

There is now a nice clear lane for the septic truck to back into.

Where the septic truck needs to stop was quite solid. The snow tends to get blown away from that area, so it’s not as deep, allowing the ground to freeze harder.

If this pile of snow seems a bit small for the amount that needed to be cleared, it is!

There were three other areas he pushed snow into, first. The path to the compost pile is mostly clear, though!

You can see another wet, muddy spot as well, but the wheels didn’t sink.

I’ve called the septic guy back and he hopes to be able to get here by about noon, tomorrow.

Now, we just need things to stay nice and cold overnight.

The Re-Farmer

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