Cat Sandwich

So this happened, and I had to get a picture.

Beep Beep is sandwiched between her babies.

The size differences are almost disorienting. Cheddar is just this huge, Costco-sized block of cheese. Then there’s his waif of a baby sister.

They’re a year apart in age, but Layendecker (who spends most of his days upstairs) matches Cheddar in size, and he’s Turmeric’s litter mate. They both started out really small, too.

How does Beep Beep grow such big boys? ๐Ÿ˜€

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Cat Sandwich

  1. Yep. Cheddar reminds me of my Ollie, minus the white feet but, add thumbs. Costco-sized block of cheese…LOL! I call mine “sack of 20lbs of potatoes” or…”you have lead in your butt.” LOL!

    I think we just discovered why Turmeric is so cranky…big brothers.

    Love the feet over bodies…

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