The cuteness

Okay, enough talk about snow and storms!

Let’s talk kitties.

Adorable kitties.

And nasty kitties! 😀

Ginger and Turmeric were so cute, making sure I couldn’t get at my pajamas last night. 😀

As I write this, Turmeric is at the corner of my bed STARING at Nosencrantz in her cubby hole behind my nightstand. Not in a friendly way, either. 😦

We are still closing Nosencrantz and Butterscotch up with me for the night. That’s when they come out and relax, eat and drink, use the litter box (I think I finally got that set up so Nosencrantz will actually use it, and not crap on the carpet!), and even play. Butterscotch is then more than content to return to her bed in my shelf, but I now wake up to find Nosencrantz sleeping next to me.

This morning, I rolled over and stretched my arm out, so she slithered over, putting her head in my hand for skritches, then began to roll around, luxuriously.

Rolling herself right off the edge of the bed, with a thud!!!

Poor thing!

She didn’t come back.

Later, I found her on the window sill, possibly watching deer. When I opened the door to go to the washroom, cats immediately began pouring in, faster than I could stop them, so I just let it be.

Nosencrantz was not happy.

This is her partially in her “I’m so cute, please don’t hurt me!” position. She curls her head right down and sideways, looking up at whatever it is she’s viewing as a threat at the moment.

Which was this, at the time.

For some reason, Fenrir does NOT like Nosencrantz, but at least she was just sitting in one of her favourite spots on my shelf and just watching, not going after her.

Turmeric is another one that actively dislikes Nosencrantz (though, to be honest, she can be a real b*** to other cats as well. Much like her mother! LOL). Turmeric was sitting on top of my jewelry box, which the cats use as a step to get onto the windowsill from my vanity, staring at Nosencrantz from one side, while Fenrir was glaring at her from the other.

I did actually pick up Nosencrantz to move her away from the cats, but she jumped out of my arms and right back to the windowsill, so I let her be.

As much as I will miss Nosencrantz when she is adopted out, I think she really needs to be in a home with fewer cats. Or no other cats at all. She seems to prefer human company.

Which we don’t mind giving her at all! She’s such a soft, round potato of a cat, and incredibly placid when you pick her up. Like a Ragdoll, she just droops. She will make some lucky human a very lovely companion.

The Re-Farmer

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