Wet, wet kitties!

It’s been raining pretty steadily all night, and it will continue through today. Thankfully, it’s been a moderate rain, and not any severe downpours.

When I came out this morning, I was greeted by a whole bunch of wet rats.

By far, the wettest was Broccoli, who is still pregnant, but she kept running away every time I tried to take a picture.

I finally got a picture with her in it – and an even wetter Potato Beetle!! He looks like he went through a puddle, and had straw and burrs caught in his tail.

Wise boy that he is, he soon followed me into the sun room.

He’s still there, as I write this. 😀

I wasn’t able to see much of the kittens through the biggest cat’s house window, but when the girls went out later, they were surprised to see several adult cat heads, peering at them through the window! They were able to see a kitten behind them, but didn’t want to stay too long or get too close and disturb them. I’m surprised about the other cats. Since Junk Pile had her kittens, I’ve only seen her in there.

Hopefully, this means that Broccoli will decide to have her kittens in there, too, and that the other adult cats will continue to leave the babies alone.

The Re-Farmer

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