Welcome back, Nutmeg!

Look who showed up this morning!

Toesencrantz is on the right, looking unsure about his prodigal cousin!

Yeah, the smaller cat on the left is Nutmeg, who is at least a year older than Toesencrantz (I’m loosing track of ages! LOL). The poor dude is very thin, and looked like he’d run through a few deep puddles to get here! He kept running from kibble tray to kibble tray, scarfing food down at every one of them. He even ran into the sun room while I was taking plants outside, to eat from the bowl of food we keep there, for when Potato Beetle decides to stay the night in there or something.

He seemed equally starved for attention, too! Enough that he would actually stop eating to come for pets.

I hope he decides to stay. He’s one of the few outside cats we’ve socialized enough that we can easily catch for adopting out.

When I came out again later and he came for pets, I noticed something odd in one of his ears. With the help of a daughter holding on to him, I was able to pull the tick. The first wood tick of the season. *sigh*

I foresee potential problems in this bed. The cats just love it. I missed catching TDG rolling luxuriously in the dirt. Not long after, I saw Potato Beetle doing the same thing! Yes, we plan to cover it, but we covered it last year, too, and the cats repeatedly jumped on the cover and knocked it flat. I’m hoping we’ll be able to prevent that with this year’s set up.

It’s wet and rainy right now, but I’m happy, because I was able to get some gardening done!

More on that in my next post. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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