Cryptid Kitten

Look who I saw today!

This is the black and white kitten from the very first litter we found. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s this one…

We found this one alone in the yard, soaking wet, and no mama around. Likely she dropped him while moving him, then ran off when I came outside. We brought him (her?) in, and my husband kept him warm while we looked around and, eventually, were able to reunite it with its mother.

I am increasingly convinced that, of the 4 kittens in that litter, this may be the only survivor. I know there was a tuxedo in the litter, and a couple of tabby looking kittens, but this is the only older kitten we are seeing.

It’s also incredibly shy and runs off as soon as it sees me, no matter how far away I am. That is why I put some kibble out on the step, and on the ground in front of the grape vines. What I might end up doing is moving one of the smaller kibble containers over by those steps and putting food out there, regularly. The down side of that is, the skunks are more likely to get it before the kitten does.

Well, if it’s a lone survivor or if its siblings are even shier than this one, I hope they will eventually start coming to the kibble house for food. Leaving food farther out for a while will help get them more comfortable coming over.

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Cryptid Kitten

  1. One of Noob’s kittens was mostly on its own on my porch tonight. I don’t like them crossing the street so I put out a ton of food to try to keep it nearby.

    Have you named the kitten yet? I’vr named one of Noob’s three “LucyLou”

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