Morning babies

I got to hold one of the little babies again!

Not easy, getting a picture while securely holding a curious, squirmy baby! There are two that don’t run away as quickly as the others, and as they’re still at that slow and clumsy stage, I’m able to catch them and pick them up. Yesterday, they were hissing and spitting for a bit, before calming down. This morning, this little one didn’t make a sound.

Once again, the four older ones that come to the house were playing with the bitty babies, though I did see them at the house later on. I didn’t see the oldest kittens at the pump shack this morning, but the tiny skunk popped out to nibble on the kibble!

I should probably find a way to leave water at the pump shack, too. I’m sure I’ve got a sturdy container somewhere that can be left there.

While I was going in and out of the sun room, I opened the door and a flash of grey fur ran in. Potato Beetle is back, after disappearing for a while again.

He is so skinny, the poor thing! But he knows the sun room is where he can have food with no competition from other cats. As I write this, he’s still in there. That early in the day, the sun room is still cooler than outside, and I made sure the ceiling fan was on, and there was water available, too.

The tom that’s hanging around the most right now is Sad Face. He’s definitely the winner of the male cat hierarchy, so I am happy to have Potato safe in the sun room. I still see The Distinguished Guest, though not as often, and he’s more skittish. He still has a missing patch of fur on one shoulder. I’ve never been able to get close enough to see it well, but the colour is looking more like normal skin colour, rather than open wound or scabbing colour. I suspect it will scar over and remain a bald spot, rather than the fur growing in. All our other males have disappeared. Perhaps they’ll come back later in the season and stay for the winter, or simply disappear, as so many others have since we’ve moved here. I prefer to think they’ve found some other farm to call home.

One thing I was not happy to see what Sad Face having his way with one of the ladies. It is really late in the season for her to go into heat. If she got pregnant now, that would mean a new litter of kittens at the end of August. They won’t have a chance to get very big before the cold hits. Of course, we’ll have the heat back on in the cats’ house and that will help, but the smaller they are, the more at risk they will be from the cold.

We shall see how things work out. For now, I’m just working on getting the babies used to me, in hopes of socializing them enough to make adopting them out an option!

The Re-Farmer

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