Our 2022 garden: first!

The kulli corn was starting to get restricted by the protective netting, so my daughters re-wrapped the bed for me this morning. It no longer has a “top”, so the corn can reach its full potential height of 8 ft now. They also did it in such a way that it is now easier to reach under the netting and into the bed. I was able to do a more thorough weeding. With the bush beans under the corn growing so vigorously, there wasn’t much to weed, though I definitely wanted to pull out the burdock that had managed to start growing in there!

In the process, I realized that there were actually some beans ready to harvest!

There it is! Our very first harvest of bush beans!

I suspect these yellow beans will be the only bush beans we will have a chance to harvest. I don’t think we’ll get anything from the green bush beans planted near the sweet corn. Though they were a second planting, after the first ones did not germinate at all, they had more than enough time to reach maturity, but I don’t think they will. They are just not thriving.

Hopefully, I’m wrong on that.

The pole beans at the A frame trellises are blooming, but no pods are forming yet. The shelling beans are blooming and trying to clime the tunnel trellis, but are very tiny. The red noodle bean plants are much bigger, but they aren’t even blooming yet – and the tunnel trellis was planted before the A frame trellis was ready!

At least we’ve got these yellow beans. They are doing great in that new low raised bed!

The Re-Farmer

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