One last shop and… ouch

I saw one good thing when heading into town with the cats this morning. The gas prices dropped 10 cents per litre, overnight. At 169.9 cents per liter, it’s still higher than it should be, but every little bit helps.

I was going to fill the jerry can after dropping off the cats, but the cats didn’t get dropped off. On deciding to head into the city, that will just have to wait again.

Before hitting the Costco, I went to a Canadian Tire to pick up a couple of bags of stove pellets for cat litter. I also picked up some ant traps. I would prefer not to kill off ant hills, since ants are also pollinators, but there are a couple of hills that are large enough to damage some garden plants, plus we’re seeing more of them in the house.

We’ve hardly used the van this month at all, and the gas tank was almost full when I left home. Costco gas prices were 159.9 cents per liter for regular. A considerable difference! So I topped up the tank, anyhow.

I had expected doing a Costco shop in the middle of the week would be quite, but nope. It was insanely busy! At least I wasn’t fighting a flat cart around crowds of people. With the other stock up shopping done already, I didn’t need to get more dry cat food. I was able to just just a regular cart for a change!

In the end, I didn’t get much at all.

With reason.

This is what Cdn$350 looks like. Plus change.

Under the cart is a package of Kirkland brand toilet paper, a package of 60 eggs, and a case of the cheaper canned cat food. 48 cans in that size.

I also got 10 pounds of butter (at $5 a pound, that’s at least a dollar cheaper than other no-name or house brand butters, but higher for Costco prices), a package with 3 whole chickens, a triple pack of all-beef wieners, and a pork tenderloin. There’s a 6 pack of canned chicken, mayonnaise, peanut butter, cooking oil, AAA batteries, 2 packages of tortilla wraps, and a 2 pack of hot dog buns. Oh, plus a package of white button mushrooms and a big block of marble cheese.

That’s it.

This is one of the smallest Costco shopping trips I’ve done, but it still came out to pennies over $350

That’s just painful! There aren’t even any fruits or vegetables in there, either.

I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if our own garden was producing, but it just barely is. Most things are, if not a complete loss, at least a month behind in growth and development.


The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “One last shop and… ouch

  1. Fuel has gone down a bit here in Aus but unfortunately everything else is going up so it’s a case of round-a-bouts and straights with stretching your dollar. Mind you if you need to feel better all you need to do is believe that food has only gone up two percent this year despite the reality, also electricity, booze, tobacco, and anything carted around by a truck is going up. That’s why we need to go net zero now apparently as that will fix everything as we transition … just believe.

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    • Yeah, apparently if we believe string enough, everything will run on rainbows and unicorn farts.

      It’s not even just about fuel. The general population has no idea how much we depend on “fossil” fuel based products in so many ways. Like medical devices. Our life spans increased and quality of life improved dramatically with all the ways bitumen and petroleum based products were developed.


  2. *Loin…pork loin.
    Tenderloins are inside the body cavity beside the spine and are small.
    Loins are outside the body cavity running along the spine (neck to pelvis) and are much bigger.
    I know, nit picking, but the size difference is huge between the 2.

    And yeah, we’ve noticed big price jumps there too.
    Normally we only go for propane, toilet paper and sometimes the bacon bits.
    Even our last propane fill was up in price.
    Still, better than the nearest small town, where to fill one tank is more than to fill both…with 30lb tanks, it’s not worth doing refills anywhere but Costco.
    One day, I’m gonna invest in 100lb tanks. lol
    We bbq a lot!

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    • You are correct! I goofed. I’ll fix that in a bit.

      I didn’t even know Costco did propane refills! When my brother gave us the BBQ, the tank came with plenty of propane in it. What we like to do is have a second tank handy. That way, if we run out part way through using the Q, we can switch tanks and keep on going. The current price of a new, filled tank, though… *sigh*


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