New faces!

Feeding the kitties has developed an unexpected challenge. The one kitten that has decided he really likes people after all, has also decided he likes to get underfoot.


I tried to be careful, but still ended up bopping him once.

I got to see Broccoli and Broccoli Baby sharing a food tray. That kitten is looking like it may end up with much longer fur than its mama.

I think this is the first good picture I’ve managed to get of this guy! He’s one of Junk Pile’s kittens. He, the black and white and the tuxedo, have been hanging out around the house and old kitchen garden a lot more lately. As you can see, they don’t run off quite so much anymore, either.

What a handsome boye.

If he’s a boy. No chance to see, one way or the other!

Then I saw someone different…

I guess this one would be considered a tortie?

I’ve actually seen glimpses of this one before. Just flashes of “is that a new kitten?” running by. This is the first real sighting.

I’m pretty sure this is another Broccoli baby, but there is just no way to know.

Then there was this sighting.

My first thought had been, “Oh, look – Junk Pile has joined Broccoli Baby for breakfast.”

Then I realized, this is a kitten, about the same size as Junk Pile’s “teenagers”.

This picture was taken on May 6. These are Junk Pile’s kittens. You can see the tuxedo in the back, the tabby and the black and white in the foreground. Those three are here often.

There are two other kittens in here that are just “dark”.

No Junk Pile Mini Me.

The above picture may actually be two litters, being co-parented, as we did see one one of the ‘iccuses in with here, too, before they moved their babies away from the commotion of human activity.

Either way, though this new kitten looks old enough to have been born at the start of May, like these ones, it isn’t from one of the litters we knew about. The only other cat that I can think might have had a litter around the same time is Ghost Baby, and she’s such a ghost, it would take her kittens to be big enough to be on their own before we’d see them show up by the house. So that’s a possibility.

So this would put the number of sighted kittens at about 14. Plus I know Rosencrantz had a second litter after loosing her first one (she rolled on the ground earlier today and, from the looks of her belly, she is nursing at least 4 kittens), and now Junk Pile no longer looks pregnant.

Which means we can expect to see more new faces over the next few months, still.

The Re-Farmer

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